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Panthers Take Top Spot in SBLI Futures

We are just hours away from Super Bowl 50 and the favorite in Sunday’s big contest is now also the favorite to win next year’s Vince Lombardi trophy as the Carolina Panthers have taken over the top spot from the New England Patriots on the Super Bowl LI futures board.

The Panthers have moved from +1000 to +800 while the Pats have moved from +850 to +825 at online shop Sportsbook. A notable team going the other direction is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who went from +1000 and are now +1200.

Super Bowl 50’s other participant, the Denver Broncos, were +2000 last week but can now be had at +1400.

Here is a look at the early odds for Super Bowl LI:

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI
Team Odds
Carolina Panthers +800
New England Patriots +825
Seattle Seahawks +1100
Arizona Cardinals +1100
Green Bay Packers +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
Denver Broncos +1400
Cincinnati Bengals +1600
Indianapolis Colts +1600
Dallas Cowboys +2400
Kansas City Chiefs +2500
Minnesota Vikings +2500
Philadelphia Eagles +3500
Baltimore Ravens +3800
New York Jets +4250
New York Giants +4250
Houston Texans +4500
Buffalo Bills +4500
Atlanta Falcons +5000
Washington Redskins +5000
Los Angeles Rams +5000
Detroit Lions +5000
Miami Dolphins +5500
Oakland Raiders +5800
San Diego Chargers +6000
Chicago Bears +6500
New Orleans Saints +6800
Jacksonville Jaguars +8000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +11000
San Francisco 49ers +11000
Cleveland Browns +21000
Tennessee Titans +22000

Odds as of February 7 at Sportsbook

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We are still two weeks away from the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers squaring off in Super Bowl 50, but for those that are thinking a little more long term, you can now get a wager in on the Sportsbook of Super Bowl LI.

Yes, Super Bowl LI futures are available at online book Sportsbook and it is the New England Patriots that top the board at +850. Considering their popularity among the betting public, it’s no real surprise to see Tom Brady and Co. open as the favorite despite exiting in the AFC Conference Championship game Sunday.

Speaking of the AFC, the Denver Broncos are presently +2000 while Super Bowl 50’s NFC representatives, the Carolina Panthers, are being offered at +1000.

The Panthers are a perfect example that one shouldn’t necessarily concentrate on the top of the board, however. Carolina was hovering around the +4000 to +5000 range to win Super Bowl 50 heading into the regular season. A quick glance at the board at Sportsbook shows a few playoff teams in that range. The Washington Redskins (+4000) and Houston Texans (+5000) each made trips to the postseason, but are being offered in that aforementioned range – not to mention a slew of other teams.

Here is a look at the early odds for Super Bowl LI:

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI
Team Odds
New England Patriots +850
Pittsburgh Steelers +1000
Carolina Panthers +1000
Seattle Seahawks +1000
Green Bay Packers +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1500
Cincinnati Bengals +1500
Indianapolis Colts +1750
Arizona Cardinals +1800
Denver Broncos +2000
Kansas City Chiefs +2500
Minnesota Vikings +2500
Baltimore Ravens +3000
Buffalo Bills +4000
Atlanta Falcons +4000
New Orleans Saints +4000
New York Jets +4000
Detroit Lions +4000
Washington Redskins +4000
Chicago Bears +5000
Houston Texans +5000
Los Angeles Rams +5000
New York Giants +5000
Miami Dolphins +5500
Philadelphia Eagles +5500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000
Tennessee Titans +6000
Jacksonville Jaguars +6000
Oakland Raiders +6000
San Diego Chargers +6000
San Francisco 49ers +6000
Cleveland Browns +20000

Odds as of January 25 at Sportsbook