NFL Stage of Elimination odds

NFL Playoff Stage Of Elimination Odds: Bet Bengals To Lose Super Bowl

We are now down to the final four teams competing for the Super Bowl in the 2022-23 NFL season. Each team deserves to be at this stage, but only one will be crowned the champion and three of them will go home eliminated.

With odds for “stage of elimination” out at sportsbooks, we dive into the best value in this latest NFL playoff market below. We’ve got a pick for every team’s elimination, as well as a breakdown for some of our more confident selections.

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NFL Playoff Stage Of Elimination Odds

San Francisco 49ers

Stage of Elimination Odds - San Francisco 49ers
Lose in Conference Championship Round-140
Lose in Super Bowl+300
Win Super Bowl+325

Odds as of January 25

Best Value Bet: 49ers Win Super Bowl (+325)

If you believe in Brock Purdy (and why wouldn’t you at this point?), you have to believe this 49ers team can win the whole thing. Since winning the title is the best value on the board, we’ll take it and run.

Cincinnati Bengals

Stage of Elimination Odds - Cincinnati Bengals
Lose in Championship Round+115
Lose in Super Bowl+185
Win Super Bowl+250

Odds as of January 25

Best Value Bet: Bengals Lose in Super Bowl (+250)

We liked these Bengals to lose in the big game odds a few weeks ago when they were up at +1000, but there’s still some value here. First off, the Bengals proved last year they have exactly what it takes to lose in this game, and the 2023 roster is very similar.

With some late line movement, the Bengals are now favored in their AFC championship game against the Chiefs, but if they win that contest, the NFC squads pose bigger threats. With two weeks to prepare for the suspect Cincinnati offensive line, the Eagles/49ers pass rushers should be able to feast like the Rams did in the Super Bowl last year.

Kansas City chiefs

Stage of Elimination Odds - Kansas City Chiefs
Lose in Championship Round-135
Lose in Super Bowl+325
Win Super Bowl+300

Odds as of January 25

Best Value Bet: Chiefs Win Super Bowl (+300)

The way I see it, the Chiefs are either going to lose this week, hampered by Patrick Mahomes’ injured ankle, or the ankle isn’t going to be a problem and they’ll win this week and roll on to another title. Given the duality of those options, we’ll take the value odds at +300.

Philadelphia Eagles

Stage of Elimination Odds - Philadelphia Eagles
Lose in Championship Round+120
Lose in Super Bowl+175
Win Super Bowl+240

Odds as of January 25

Best Value Bet: Eagles Lose in Championship Round (+120)

The Eagles are talented, but they haven’t had to play real competition in a few weeks. The last time the Eagles played a team that wasn’t the Giants or Saints, they lost to the Cowboys — a team that just lost to the 49ers squad Philly now meets.