Pros vs Joe Thanksgiving Handicapping Contest

Pros vs Joe: Thanksgiving Day NFL Picks


Welcome to Pros vs Joe, a brand new sports handicapping contest that pits Odds Shark’s own Joe Osborne against retired pro athletes who cut their teeth playing the games we love to bet. Who will reign supreme? The former pros, who know the game inside and out from their first-hand experience? Or the handicapper, who studies the numbers and the betting lines all day every day?

This is the question that prompted the idea for this contest and it’s one we’re excited to find the answer to. Let us know on Twitter who you’re backing: the Pros, or the Joe.

Contest Format

Each guy will make three picks for each of the three Thanksgiving Day NFL games:

  • One spread pick
  • One OVER/UNDER pick
  • And one player prop pick

The scoring is simple:

Result Points
Correct Pick 1
Push 0.5
Money Pick (one per contestant) 2
Push on Money Pick 1

Whoever has the most points at the end of the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day slate will win the inaugural Pros vs Joe title.

Let’s meet our contestants.

The Contestants

Patrick Willis

A seven-time Pro Bowler, Patrick Willis was one of the most feared linebackers in the league during his eight-year NFL career. Will his prophetic ability to read a defense translate to sports betting?

Steven Jackson

With 11,438 career rushing yards in the NFL, Steven Jackson is no stranger to breaking down a defense. Can this bruising back exact similar destruction against the sportsbooks?

Joe Osborne

Supremely confident in his sports betting abilities, Joe is putting his pride on the line against some of the best to ever play the game. Will his analytical approach give him the edge?

Pros vs Joe: Picks & Standings

Thanksgiving Day NFL Spread Picks
Game Patrick Steven Joe
Bears vs Lions CHI -2.5 CHI -2.5 CHI -2.5
Bills vs Cowboys DAL -6.5 BUF +6.5 DAL -6.5
Saints vs Falcons NO -7 NO -7 NO -7
Points 2 3 2
Thanksgiving Day NFL OVER/UNDER Picks
Matchup Patrick Steven Joe
Bears vs Lions MONEY PICK:
UNDER 38.5
OVER 38.5 UNDER 38.5
Bills vs Cowboys OVER 45 UNDER 45 OVER 45
Saints vs Falcons OVER 48.5 OVER 48.5 UNDER 48.5
Points 0 2 1
Thanksgiving Day NFL Player Prop Picks
Matchup Patrick Steven Joe
Bears vs Lions K. Mack OVER
0.5 Sacks
K. Mack OVER
0.5 Sacks
B. Scarbrough UNDER
76.5 Rushing Yards
Bills vs Cowboys E. Elliott OVER
76.5 Rushing Yards
E. Elliott OVER
76.5 Rushing Yards
E. Elliott OVER
76.5 Rushing Yards
Saints vs Falcons Drew Brees OVER
265.5 Passing Yards
Julio Jones 
Not to Score a TD
300.5 Passing Yards
Points 0 1 0
Pros vs Joe Standings
Contestant Points
Joe Osborne 3
Steven Jackson 6
Patrick Willis 2

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