Best NFL season player props quarterbacks entering the 2022 season.

Best NFL Season Player Props Quarterbacks For 2022 Season

Maybe the most important position in professional team sports, the quarterback gets all the headlines in the NFL.

And while it’s fun to track and watch the league’s top QBs, it’s just as entertaining to bet on them. 

From Aaron Rodgers to Justin Fields, you can find props on QB yardage totals, touchdowns, interceptions and rushing stats at our best NFL betting sites, and there is plenty of value still on the board as we approach Week 1 of the regular season.  


You can find these NFL season player props for quarterbacks over at our best NFL betting sites. Make sure to shop around at different books to find the best odds on each prop.

If you’re new to betting on football, check out our How To Bet NFL page to get up to speed or keep track of the latest Super Bowl odds, NFL MVP odds and more.

Our Top NFL Season Player Props: Quarterbacks

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Josh Allen Rushing Yards: UNDER 575.5 (-120)

Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and part of what makes him so great is his dual-threat ability. He’s not only a great passer but a great rusher too. 

Last season was Allen’s most prolific on the ground as he rushed for a career-high 763 yards, crushing the total set in this prop. But Allen also enjoyed some likely unsustainable efficiency to reach that yardage total as he rushed for 6.1 yards per carry. In his two previous full seasons, Allen averaged 4.1 and 4.7 yards per carry despite a similar number of attempts. He had 510 and 421 rushing yards in those two seasons, respectively.

This is a bet that he returns closer to his 2020 and 2019 rushing totals.

You can find this prop over at Sportsbook.


Daniel Jones Passing Touchdowns: OVER 21.5 (-125)

The Giants have a revamped offensive line, added weaponry and a much better coaching staff heading into the 2022 season, and we think QB Daniel Jones could be one of the big winners as a result.

The former sixth overall pick in 2019 had just 10 passing touchdowns last season and only 11 the year before, but getting to 22 is a pretty low bar in a 17-game season on a team that seems to be markedly improved.

Of course, there’s still a decent chance Jones simply stinks and has another bad year before being washed out of the league, but we’re betting he ends up being below average instead of terrible.

You can find this prop and many more like it at Sportsbook.

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Jameis Winston Interceptions: OVER 13 (EVEN)

The Saints have handed the keys to the huddle over to Jameis Winston, and early returns were promising last season before he torn his ACL in Week 7.

Winston had 14 touchdowns and just three interceptions in his seven starts prior to the injury, showing off ball control not really seen previously in his career.

This quarterback prop bet is one that banks (somewhat) on a return to form for Winston – one where he throws a bunch of picks.

From his time at Florida State University to his five years with the Buccaneers, Winston was known for turning the ball over. He beat this prop total set at 13 four times in five seasons in Tampa, including a league-leading 30 INTs in 2019.

And while I don’t think he approaches 30 with the Saints likely focusing on the run and taking some of the risk out of Winston’s game, 13 is a pretty low bar for this player in a 17-game season.  

The odds are also attractive, and you can find them over at Sportsbook. 


Trey Lance Interceptions: OVER 11 (-115)

Speaking of players who could struggle with interceptions, the young Trey Lance could be next.

The third overall pick in 2021, Lance is now the unquestioned starter in San Fran despite barely playing any football over the last few seasons. Lance attempted just 71 passes in two starts and six appearances last season after missing all but one game in his final year in college that was shortened by COVID.

We don’t think the Niners want Lance to throw the ball much and they will build the offense around the run game while using his athleticism to keep defenses guessing. But he will have to throw the ball sometimes, particularly at the end of games. And in a 17-game season, 11 picks seems like the minimum.

The biggest threat to this prop hitting is that Lance is so bad he gets pulled for backup Jimmy Garoppolo at some point.

Check out this prop and more at Sportsbook.

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Lamar Jackson Passing Yards: UNDER 3,550.5 (-115)

I think the Ravens are a good bet in Super Bowl odds and Jackson is a low-key NFL MVP candidate.

But in four NFL seasons, Jackson hasn’t really come close to reaching this yardage total. Even in his 2019 MVP campaign, he only threw for about 3,100 yards.

I believe the Ravens want to run the ball a ton and don’t want Jackson throwing 30-plus times per game, and if they have their way he won’t surpass this total.

This prop is available over at Sportsbook.


2022 NFL Season Player Props

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