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Super Bowl 51: Most Bizarre and Odd Trends

It’s become easy to overanalyze bets. It only multiplies when capping big games. We take it to another level with bizarre betting trends for Super Bowl 51.

Oddly enough, these ridiculous trends all come out favoring the New England Patriots. Does that mean you should take these as the gospel truth? God, no! Coincidence doesn’t even begin to describe these, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to read them and shake our heads anyway.

Blinded By The White

Fashion is a dominating theme of every Super Bowl. Think about it: there are always props about what the halftime performer will be wearing, there was the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction and, of course, there are the jersey colors of the team themselves.

The Falcons decided to be trendsetters by choosing to wear their stylish red home jerseys in Houston. Atlanta clearly isn’t a superstitious lot, as the team wearing white has won 11 of the past 12 Super Bowls. In fact, since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick came to town, the Pats are 2-0 in Super Bowls when wearing the always fashionable white.

The Patriots May Be Too Fast And Too Furious

The Fast and the Furious 3,893,692 is set to hit theaters in 2017, which ensures that Vin Diesel somehow keeps getting work. Either way, the AFC team seems to get extra amped when cars go fast and explode, as the AFC team has gone 5-2 SU in years when a new Fast comes out. This includes 2015 when the Patriots beat the Seahawks, the same year Furious 7 came out.

Maybe Tom Brady has posters of Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson adorning his bedroom to get amped for the big game. Maybe, Julian Edelman's life motto is "I live my life a quarter-mile at a time." I bet at least one member of the Patriots locker-room has a tricked-out 2001 Honda Civic we don't know about.

Belichick’s Presidential Endorsement

Let’s take a minute to be a little more serious here, folks. Donald Trump is officially the president of the United States. For many readers, this is a point of rage-inducing depression but Brady and Belichick do not fall into that category.

Both Brady and Belichick are friends with the new POTUS and I’m sure both of them are excited for the next four years. Many are speculating that Trump will actually be at the Super Bowl to watch the Patriots take on the Falcons.This may be some added motivation for both Brady and Belichick. Plus, the AFC has gone 9-4 SU in Super Bowl history in years that a new president was inaugurated.

It Could Be An Odd Year For The Patriots

New year, new you. Right? 2017 is the year we are all finally going to go to the gym, cut out fast food and spend more time with our family. Luckily, by the time Super Bowl 51 rolls around, this will all be out the window and we will be lazily watching football, eating gratuitous amounts of chicken wings and ignoring our loved ones to yell at Luke Bryan for singing the national anthem too long.

However, 2017 could be a good year for the Patriots if history stands, as the AFC has gone 7-2 SU in the past nine Super Bowls to take place in an odd-numbered year. New England has won each of its past Super Bowl appearances in years with odd numbers (2015, 2005).

AFC Has Been Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

Curb Your Enthusiasm is set to return to television in 2017 following a five-year hiatus. How the world has survived five years without the sage wisdom of Larry David, I’ll never know. However, Patriots fans should be extra excited, as the AFC has gone 6-2 SU in the previous eight years that the hit show aired new episodes.

In fact, the Pats are 2-0 in Super Bowls they’ve competed in with fresh Curb coming just around the corner.

Now that this article is finished, I’m going to go home. I find human contact repulsive.

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