Super Bowl 58 Game Props

Super Bowl 58 Game Prop Bet Results

Super Bowl 58 is over and it's time to look back at your 49ers vs Chiefs Super Bowl game props.

Below I broke down all the Super Bowl game prop markets and the props that hit and missed during the game:

Super Bowl 58 Game Prop Results

Super Bowl Game PropResult
Winning MarginChiefs 1-6 (+320)
First Score MethodField Goal (+150)
First Drive Result - 49ersTurnover (+600)
First Drive Result - ChiefsPunt (+120)
Will Both Teams Score Every Quarter?No (-310)
Highest-Scoring Half2nd Half (-106)
Odd/Even Total PointsOdd (-125)
Race To 1049ers (-132)
Race to 30Neither (-134)
First Team To Score49ers (-115)
Team With Most 1st DownsChiefs (-120)
Will Both Teams Convert A 4th Down?No (-450)
Total Accepted Penalties O/U 10.5OVER 10.5 (-125)
Will There Be Overtime?Yes (+850)

Super Bowl 58 Game Prop Best Bets

Before getting into all the different game and score prop options for Super Bowl 58, here were two of my best bets:

Highest-Scoring Half: First Half (-117)

Both the 49ers and Chiefs are first half killers.

Both squads rank within the league's top-six in first half points per game, at 14.8 and 14.5 respectively. Crucially, both teams average MORE points in the first half than the second, too. If you average the season totals for the Chiefs and 49ers, the teams average 29.3 total points in first halves compared to 21.7 in the second. For a betting market that's basically a 50/50, that's a clear edge to the first half.

In Kansas City's most recent two Super Bowl appearances, the first half has also been easily the more high scoring subset. In the 2023 and 2021 Super Bowls, the first half point total dwarfed the second half 65 total points to 48.

Race To 30: Neither (-134)

I've already talked a bit about how I think this is going to be a defensive Super Bowl over on my expert picks. But, this market is another way to bet on that. Both Kansas City and San Francisco ranked within the top-three in points against this season, both allowing under 18.5 per game. As well, neither offense has been particularly hot lately. The 49ers have reached 30 points just once in the last five games while the Chiefs haven't reached the mark since November.

Super Bowls are often more methodical, and thus lower scoring, than your average NFL game. So, this is an easy bet on neither team getting to 30 points on Sunday.

All Super Bowl 58 Game Props

Winning Margin

In order to win a bet on this prop, the bettor will need to predict not only which team will win the Super Bowl, but also by roughly how many points. These are measured in six-point increments.

49ers by 1-6 points+300
49ers by 7-12+475
49ers by 13-18+750
49ers by 19-24+1400
49ers by 25-30+2500
49ers by 31-36+4500
49ers by 37-42+8000
49ers by 43 or more+10,000
Chiefs by 1-6+320
Chiefs by 7-12+550
Chiefs by 13-18+900
Chiefs by 19-24+1800
Chiefs by 25-30+3500
Chiefs by 31-36+5500
Chiefs by 37-42+10,000
Chiefs by 43 or more+10,000

Odds as of February 9th

First Score Method

This one is simple: will the first score of the game from either side be a field goal, touchdown or another method of scoring?

Field Goal+150
Any Other+4000

Odds as of February 9th

First Drive Result - 49ers

When the 49ers get the ball for the first time, how will that drive end?

Offensive Touchdown+195
Field-Goal Attempt+360

Odds as of February 9th

First Drive Result - Chiefs

Offensive Touchdown+230
Field-Goal Attempt+320

Odds as of February 9th

Will Teams Score In Every Quarter?

Will the Super Bowl squads score in each quarter?

Chiefs +225-310

Odds as of February 9th

Highest-Scoring Half

First Half-117
Second Half-106
Both Halves the Same+1800

Odds as of February 9th

Odd/Even Total Points

In order to win this bet, the bettor will need to correctly predict whether the final combined score for both teams is odd or even.


Odds as of February 9th

Race To 10

Which team will reach the 10-point mark first?


Odds as of February 9th

Race To 20


Odds as of February 9th

Race To 30


Odds as of February 9th

Super Bowl Score Props

Super Bowl score props are all about offense. Bettors who love seeing points on the board will gravitate toward these Super Bowl game prop bets.

Team To Score First In The Game


Odds as of February 9th

Will The Game Go To Overtime?

The Super Bowl has only gone to overtime once – when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit at halftime to take the Atlanta Falcons to OT in 2017.


Odds as of February 9th

Super Bowl Total Points Props

Total points props for Super Bowl 58 are a fun way to bet strictly on the final outcome of how many points will show up on the scoreboard.

OVER/UNDER Total Points For The 49ers

OVER 23.5-135
UNDER 23.5+115

Odds as of February 9th

OVER/UNDER Total Points For The Chiefs

OVER 23.5-115
UNDER 23.5-105

Odds as of February 9th

Other Super Bowl Game Props

Team to Enter the Red Zone First

Kansas City Chiefs-110
San Francisco 49ers-120

Odds as of February 9th

Team With Most 1st Downs


Odds as of February 9th

Team To Get First 1st Down


Odds as of February 9th

Will Both Teams Convert A 4th Down?


Odds as of February 9th

Total Number of Accepted Penalties Committed

OVER 10.5-125
UNDER 10.5-105

Odds as of February 9th

How Do Super Bowl Game Props Work?

A prop bet, short for proposition bet, is a wager on whether or not a particular event is going to happen. A Super Bowl game prop bet is a super-sized wager that happens during the biggest sporting event on the planet, making it a great way to spice up your Super Bowl viewing party.

What’s The Difference Between Super Bowl Game Props And Exotic Props?

Game props on the Super Bowl require skill to predict and allow the bettor to parlay their football knowledge into a profit based on how the game plays out. Traditional football bettors will love the value that game props offer because they can parlay their skills of betting on the gridiron into cash.

Exotic Super Bowl props require no direct football skill or knowledge and are designed for entertainment purposes.

Exotic props appeal to the more casual bettor and football fan, containing options such as the OVER/UNDER length of the national anthem, whether the coin toss will be heads or tails and even what color the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be. 

Super Bowl Game Prop Bets FAQ

Who is going to win the Super Bowl in 2023?

As much as we would like to tell you which team is going to win the 2023 Super Bowl, we cannot guarantee with a 100 percent certainty who will win the big game. We can, however, guide you to the best of our abilities with the expert resources we have.

What are Super Bowl game prop bets?

Super Bowl game prop bets are wagers on particular player or team milestones that don’t always directly correlate with the overall outcome of the big game. In this case, you would be betting on things like winning margin, first score method, odd/even total points, highest-scoring quarter and highest-scoring half, just to name a handful.

When are Super Bowl game prop odds released?

Super Bowl game prop odds are released as soon as the two NFL teams are set and the Super Bowl matchup is locked in. NFL betting sites will release Super Bowl game props for football bettors to wager on such as Super Bowl score props and Super Bowl total points props.

What other kinds of Super Bowl game prop bets can I make?

Other kinds of Super Bowl game prop bets that you can make include Philadelphia Eagles total points (odd or even), Kansas City Chiefs total points (odd or even), Race to 10 points/20 points/30 points, team to score last in the big game, will the game go into overtime, plus many more.

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