Weather Conditions for NFL Week 3 Handicapping

Heat is the only likely weather condition that will impact your NFL Week 3 handicapping and it doesn’t look like rain or wind will play a big role for bettors in Week 3 of the NFL season. Out of all 16 games on the schedule, only one has rain in the forecast.

A couple of games will have overcast skies with a chance of rain, while the rest will have clear skies or will be played indoors. There will be games where temperature and the heat index may play a big role in the conditioning of the players.

The game with rain the forecast is the Chargers at Seahawks. If any team is used to playing in wet conditions in the league it has to be Seattle. More rain falls in the state of Washington that in most parts of America, and if the Chargers have difficulty holding on to the ball it could be a big week for San Diego. [ Best NFL Underdog odds - check out Sportsbook and get $125 in FREE CASH bonuses ]

Games with a 30% chance of rain or lighting storms would be Browns at Ravens, Bengals at Panthers, and the Cowboys at Texans. These games may not even see a drop of rain on Sunday, but if it gets wet in Dallas the Cowboys' offense could suffer under the conditions.

The heat index for Sunday will be over 90 degrees in a few cities. The Jets will be in Miami in 92-degree heat. Other games with 90+ temps forecast for Sunday include the Raiders at Cardinals, Steelers at Bucs, Eagles at Jags, and Cowboys at Houston.

All these teams could be affected by the weather on Sunday, and some have already shown that they can handle and play through adversity. Kansas City won on the road in overcast conditions last week, and this time they will have to be sharp on offense against the stingy defense

Dallas also showed that they don’t perform that well in the heat when they lost a close battle last week to the Chicago Bears. Conditions will be similar in Week 3, and maybe betting against Dallas is the way to go.