Christian McCaffrey and the 49ers visit the Jaguars

NFL Week 10 Odds: 49ers Road Favorites in Duval, Chargers Host Lions


Sportsbooks are already offering odds for Week 10 of NFL Action, and we’re in store for a great weekend of football. To kick off the opening slate on Sunday, the 49ers visit Duval County to take on Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars in a pick‘em. The Ravens host the Browns in a crucial AFC North contest as they jockey for position in the playoff race.

The marquee matchup of Sunday’s second window features the high-flying Lions in action versus the Chargers. While both teams can put points on the board, they are also both prone to breaking the hearts of their fans. This should be an exciting contest as both squads attempt to blow a fourth quarter lead.

NFL Week 10 Betting Lines

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Carolina Panthers Vs Chicago Bears Betting Odds
Carolina Panthers+105+2 (-110)
Chicago Bears-125-2 (-110)


Indianapolis Colts Vs New England Patriots Betting Odds
Indianapolis Colts+165+5 (-110)
New England Patriots-195-5 (-110)


Houston Texans Vs Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds
Houston Texans+340+9.5 (-110)
Cincinnati Bengals-425-9.5 (-110)


San Francisco 49ers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Odds
San Francisco 49ers-115-1 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars-105+1 (-110)


Tennessee Titans Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds
Tennessee Titans-115-1 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-105+1 (-110)


New Orleans Saints Vs Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds
New Orleans Saints+110+2.5 (-110)
Minnesota Vikings-130-2.5 (-110)


Green Bay Packers Vs Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Odds
Green Bay Packers+130+3 (-110)
Pittsburgh Steelers-150-3 (-110)


Cleveland Browns Vs Baltimore Ravens Betting Odds
Cleveland Browns+130+3 (-110)
Baltimore Ravens-150-3 (-110)


Atlanta Falcons Vs Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds
Atlanta Falcons-120-1.5 (-110)
Arizona Cardinals+100+1.5 (-110)


Detroit Lions Vs Los Angeles Chargers Betting Odds
Detroit Lions+125+2.5 (+100)
Los Angeles Chargers-145-2.5 (-120)


New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys Betting Odds
New York Giants+190+5.5 (-110)
Dallas Cowboys-225-5.5 (-110)


NFL Weekly Odds

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Washington Commanders Vs Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds
Washington Commanders+150+3.5 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks-175-3.5 (-110)


New York Jets Vs Las Vegas Raiders Betting Odds
New York Jets-130-2.5 (-110)
Las Vegas Raiders+110+2.5 (-110)


Denver Broncos Vs Buffalo Bills Betting Odds
Denver Broncos+205+6 (-110)
Buffalo Bills-245-6 ( -110)