The Ravens and Jaguars face off in Week 15 action

NFL Week 15 Odds: Lamar Vs Lawrence, Chiefs Head To Foxborough

Week 15 NFL odds are available, and we’ve got them all right here. 14 of these games carry a spread of four points or less, so we’re looking at a great weekend of sweating bets.

Several games on Sunday afternoon stand out to us, including Philadelphia vs. Seattle and Dallas vs. Buffalo, which are both star-studded affairs that fantasy football players will surely be eyeing.

Rolling into Sunday night, the Ravens visit Duval County in a matchup between two of the AFC’s top young quarterbacks. Speaking of star QBs, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will brave the December New England weather as they attempt to knock off the Pats at home – not an easy task.

NFL Week 15 Betting Lines

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Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders Betting Odds
Los Angeles Chargers-120-1.5 (-110)
Las Vegas Raiders+100+1.5 (-110)


Houston Texans Vs Tennessee Titans Betting Odds
Houston Texans+130+3 (-110)
Tennessee Titans-150-3 (-110)


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Indianapolis Colts Betting Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers-130-2.5 (-110)
Indianapolis Colts+110+2.5 (-110)


Chicago Bears Vs Cleveland Browns Betting Odds
Chicago Bears+150+3.5 (-110)
Cleveland Browns-175-3.5 (-110)


New York Giants Vs New Orleans Saints Betting Odds
New York Giants+105+2 (-110)
New Orleans Saints-125-2 (-110)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Green Bay Packers Betting Odds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+145+3.5 (-110)
Green Bay Packers-170-3.5 (-110)


New York Jets Vs Miami Dolphins Betting Odds
New York Jets+100+1.5 (+100)
Miami Dolphins-120-1.5 (-120)


Denver Broncos Vs Detroit Lions Betting Odds
Denver Broncos+110+2 (+100)
Detroit Lions-130-2 (-120)


Atlanta Falcons Vs Carolina Panthers Betting Odds
Atlanta Falcons-105+1 (-110)
Carolina Panthers-115-1 (-110)


Minnesota Vikings Vs Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds
Minnesota Vikings+175+5 (-110)
Cincinnati Bengals-205-5 (-110)


Washington Commanders Vs Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds
Washington Commanders-105+1 (-110)
Los Angeles Rams-115-1 (-110)


San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals Betting Odds
San Francisco 49ers-265-6.5 (-110)
Arizona Cardinals+225+6.5 (-110)


Philadelphia Eagles Vs Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds
Philadelphia Eagles-125-2 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks+105+2 (-110)


Dallas Cowboys Vs Buffalo Bills Betting Odds
Dallas Cowboys+160+4 (-110)
Buffalo Bills-190-4 (-110)


Baltimore Ravens Vs Jacksonville Jaguars Betting Odds
Baltimore Ravens-105+1 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars-115-1 (-110)


Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots Betting Odds
Kansas City Chiefs-190-4 (-110)
New England Patriots+160+4 (-110)


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