Joe Burrow and the Bengals face the Steelers in Week 16

NFL Week 16 Odds: Bengals And Steelers Kick Off Holiday Weekend

Winter is officially upon us, and Week 16 NFL odds are available. A Saturday afternoon game between the Bengals and Steelers kicks off the holiday weekend followed by a Bills vs. Chargers nightcap.

Christmas Eve’s most notable game is between the Cowboys and Dolphins as the two teams gear up for playoffs. Christmas is on a Monday this year, and we’ve got games all day headlined by a Ravens vs. 49ers bout to cap off an exciting week of football.

NFL Week 16 Betting Lines

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New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Rams Betting Odds
New Orleans Saints-105+1 (-110)
Los Angeles Rams-115-1 (-110)


Cincinnati Bengals Vs Pittsburgh Steelers Betting Odds
Cincinnati Bengals-130-2.5 (-110)
Pittsburgh Steelers+110+2.5 (-110)


Buffalo Bills Vs Los Angeles Chargers Betting Odds
Buffalo Bills-115-1 (+100)
Los Angeles Chargers-105+1 (-120)


Indianapolis Colts Vs Cincinnati Bengals Betting Odds
Indianapolis Colts+330+9 (-110)
Cincinnati Bengals-410-9 (-110)


Cleveland Browns Vs Houston Texans Betting Odds
Cleveland Browns-190-4 (-110)
Houston Texans+160+4 (-110)


Washington Commanders Vs New York Jets Betting Odds
Washington Commanders+185+5.5 (-110)
New York Jets-215-5.5 (-110)


Seattle Seahawks Vs Tennessee Titans Betting Odds
Seattle Seahawks-125-2 (-110)
Tennessee Titans+105+2 (-110)


Green Bay Packers Vs Carolina Panthers Betting Odds
Green Bay Packers-115-1 (-110)
Carolina Panthers-105+1 (-110)


Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds
Detroit Lions-105+1 (-110)
Minnesota Vikings-115-1 (-110)


Indianapolis Colts Vs Atlanta Falcons Betting Odds
Indianapolis Colts+110+2.5 (-110)
Atlanta Falcons-130-2.5 (-110)


Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds
Jacksonville Jaguars-180-3.5 (-110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+155+3.5 (-110)


Arizona Cardinals Vs Chicago Bears Betting Odds
Arizona Cardinals+165+4.5 (-110)
Chicago Bears-195-4.5 (-110)


Dallas Cowboys Vs Miami Dolphins Betting Odds
Dallas Cowboys+105+1.5 (-110)
Miami Dolphins-125-1.5 (-110)


New England Patriots Vs Denver Broncos Betting Odds
New England Patriots+105+2 (-110)
Denver Broncos-125-2 (-110)


Las Vegas Raiders Vs Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds
Las Vegas Raiders+310+8.5 (-110)
Kansas City Chiefs-380-8.5 (-110)


New York Giants Vs Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds
New York Giants+245+7 (-110)
Philadelphia Eagles-295-7 (-110)


Baltimore Ravens Vs San Francisco 49ers Betting Odds
Baltimore Ravens+130+3 (-110)
San Francisco 49ers-150-3 (-110)


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