Who Will Be 49ers’ Next Head Coach?

The San Francisco 49ers organization is an absolute mess. The team has fired its third coach in as many years, the roster is pretty barren in terms of top-tier talent and Jed York is the owner. Organizational stability breeds good football teams, so the 49ers need to get this head coach hiring right, or they will continue to falter.

One name standing out early in the coach hiring process is Sean McVay, the Washington Redskins’ offensive coordinator. It would certainly make sense, as McVay’s grandfather served as the 49ers’ general manager and vice-president from 1980 to 1999. McVay has also been regarded as an up-and-coming coaching prospect for some time but will have questions regarding his young age (30) for the position.

Josh McDaniels is also on the short list of interviews for the 49ers, as the New England Patriots’ OC has proven to be one of the best offensive minds in the NFL. If the Niners land McDaniels, it could mean that they take a look at the Patriots front office for hires in their general manager search.

One coach who is highly sought after and makes sense is Kyle Shanahan. The OC has left every offense he coached in a much better position than when he joined and he may come with a decent GM option in his father Mike. Though maybe not the sexiest option, this could certainly provide the 49ers with a consistency they have not had in years.

Who Will Be The Next 49ers Head Coach?
  • Sean McVay +200
  • Josh McDaniels +250
  • Vance Joseph +275
  • Tom Cable +450
  • Kyle Shanahan +450
  • Jon Gruden +2000
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