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Some sports handicappers consider hockey a hard sport to bet on. For those who follow NHL wagering closely, you understand that tracking player injuries, goaltender play and travel schedules is an important part of your NHL betting strategy. For those who don’t do any of the above but track NHL betting coverage here on Odds Shark, you’ll still be able to handicap your hockey wagers like you’ve just won the Stanley Cup.

Betting on the NHL

Besides your grandma’s mah-jong tournament, hockey is one of the most physical and grueling games out there. Depth in hockey is extremely important, especially when teams have to deal with a key injury. Handicapping the NHL schedule is also very critical because teams often play tough stretches both at home and on the road, squeezing a lot of games into short periods of time.

That’s why knowing who’s on the ice and who’s resting is pertinent information you can gather before wagering on hockey games. Whether you bet the moneyline or the puckline, knowing who’s on the ice for each game can determine whether you win or lose your wager.

Why NHL Travel Schedules Matter

Handicapping NHL travel schedules will help you stay on the same page as the oddsmakers who are setting the hockey lines. If a team goes on a long road trip, the initial thinking might be to fade them because they will be out of their element for such a long time.

But remember these long road trips are annual occurrences, and like any other time a team hits the road, there is opportunity for players to bond and become closer both on and off the ice, which can definitely help team chemistry. The key is picking your spots on the schedule when a team might be resting its starting goalie or giving the star player a break during a road trip to avoid running them into the ground.

It’s like a band that goes on a 90-city tour. At first, they’re giving their all and playing the hits but by the time they get to St. Paul on day 87, they’re exhausted and only want to play weird new synth stuff that sounds like a dying whale. You want the NHL teams you’re wagering on to be full of energy and not sounding like dying whales.

You should also consider the following besides fatigue and travel schedules:

  • How teams perform in nationally televised games
  • How deep a team is on each line
  • How well a goalie performed in his last few games
  • How often a team wins in regulation and how often they go to overtime

Handicapping Postseason Hockey

The NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs are among the most exciting in all of sports. With teams like the 2012 Los Angeles Kings winning the title as an eighth seed, it proves all it takes is getting into the postseason to have a shot at the championship. Even your mother could make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs if she skates hard enough – well, that’s an exaggeration but you get the point.

Because of this, bettors need to be aware that no team is out of any series, with the Zig-Zag Theory serving as a legitimate hockey handicapping strategy to follow. Momentum shifts can happen several times within a seven-game series, just ask your mother when she made it to the Stanley Cup Final – again, not a real thing. The best way to handicap the games is to watch them and to stay on top of stats, both basic ones like shots on net and in-depth analytics. We also know that it may be impossible to watch every single moment of the NHL playoffs, which is why you need to stay locked in to our NHL pages.

The following pages will help you handicap your regular-season and postseason hockey bets:

Odds Shark’s NHL Pages