Carolina wins second Metro banner. Metropolitan Division Odds

2022-23 NHL Metropolitan Division Odds: Is Carolina Starting A New Division Dynasty

I believed at the start of the NHL season that the Carolina Hurricanes were, on paper, the best bet to win the Metropolitan Division. And I was right.

Carolina took the Metropolitan Division with a 113-point season. It's the second time in two seasons that the Canes have won the Metro.

2022-23 Metropolitan Division odds

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2023 Metropolitan Division Champions: Carolina Hurricanes

Two years in a row now Rod Brind'Amour has guided his side to the top of the Metropolitan Division. With a 52-21-9 record and 113 points, the Canes edged out the Devils and their 112-point season.

Carolina was the easy favorite to win the division with +195 odds as of October 7. 

2023 Metropolitan Division Odds
TeamsOpening Odds
Carolina Hurricanes+195
New York Rangers+325
Pittsburgh Penguins+325
Washington Capitals+600
New York Islanders+1100
New Jersey Devils+1200
Columbus Blue Jackets+5000
Philadelphia Flyers+10000

Odds from October 7

Their domination in the Metro wasn't just in the standings. It was on the ice as well. Carolina held a 19-6-1 against the other seven Metro teams. Particularly against those two Pennsylvania (Flyers and Penguins) teams with a clean 8-0-0 record. 

We don't have the odds for next season, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Carolina at the top of the oddsboard for 23-24. And with no expected losses on the roster, I'd bet the Hurricanes do it for a third year.

With back-to-back banners, the Hurricanes seem to be starting their own dynasty in the Metropolitan Division. 

2023 Metropolitan Division Bet Dog

I like to look back over the year and see where we were all wrong. What team was given no chance and surprised?

New Jersey Devils (+1200)

The Devils were always going to get better than they were in 2021-22 when they finished seventh in the eight-team Metropolitan Division. But to nearly double the number of points on the board from 63 to 112? Wildly impressive. 

And they almost took the division. A single positive result would have netted them a banner. Going 2-2-0 against the Hurricanes was their downfall when it comes to winning the Division.

This is a young team trending up. Look for their 23-24 odds to be much better than in 22-23.

Last 8 Metropolitan Division Champs

Metropolitan Division Champs Since 2014
YearTeamSportsbook OddsStage of Exit
2023Carolina Hurricanes+195Lost In Conference Finals
2022Carolina Hurricanes+500Lost In 2nd Round of Playoffs
2020Washington Capitals+320Lost In 1st Round of Playoffs
2019Washington Capitals+330Lost In 1st Round of Playoffs
2018Washington Capitals+285Stanley Cup Champions
2017Washington Capitals+160Lost In 2nd Round of Playoffs
2016Washington Capitals+515Lost In 2nd Round of Playoffs
2015New York Rangers+400Lost In Conference Finals
2014Pittsburgh Penguins-125Lost In 2nd Round of Playoffs

Note the 2020-21 season is not listed as divisions were realigned due to COVID-19.

The Metropolitan Division has only existed since 2013-14. I know, it feels like the division has been around for much longer, but it hasn’t.

But in those eight years, the Washington Capitals have dominated, winning the division five times and finishing as the runner-up once (2015). 

How To Bet On NHL Metropolitan Division Odds:

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At Odds Shark, we use American odds, meaning the top-ranked team in Metropolitan Division odds might be +300 odds to win. That means you would earn $300 for every $100 wagered if that team goes on to win the division.

However, a long-shot team may be +12000 to win the division, meaning you win $12,000 for every $100 bet. It’s a better payout, but the line is set like that for a reason. If you’re betting on Metropolitan Division odds, or any hockey bets, it’s important to weigh that big payout with the probability of the team actually winning.

Metropolitan Division Odds

Who won the Metropolitan Division in 2022-23?

The Carolina Hurricanes took the Metropolitan Division with 113 points from a 52-21-9 record during the regular season.

Who are the last five Metropolitan Division champions?

With a realigned COVID season in 2020-21, there was no Metropolitan Division, so here are the last five Metro champs since 2017-18:

2017-18 - Washington Capitals
2018-19 - Washington Capitals
2019-20 - Washington Capitals
2021-22 - Carolina Hurricanes
2022-23 - Carolina Hurricanes

What teams are in the Metropolitan Division?

The Metropolitan Division was created in 2013-14 following a realignment in the NHL. There are eight teams within the Metro Division:

Carolina Hurricanes
Columbus Blue Jackets
New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers
New York Islanders
Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Washington Capitals