PWHL founders sit to discuss to professional women's hockey league

What Is The PWHL?

Yup, you heard correctly. There's a new hockey league in town and this one is for girls and girls only! 

At then end of August 2023, media broke out after the announcement of the new Professional Women's Hockey League.

what is the professional women's hockey league? 

Funded by Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Mark Walters and his wife, the gals took to the ice on New Year's Day for a 24-game season, which they eventually hope to increase in the near future. The league expands across North America with three teams in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa) and the United States (Boston, Minnesota, New York). 

Now, if you ask me, those are perfect market cities for a young hockey league. One is called the "State of Hockey" and the others are stable based on NHL fanbases, though the jury is still out on the Ottawa Senators. 

The season will run until the first week of May. The schedule can be found on the PWHL website. 

where will the PWHL Play?

Now, this is the cool part. Based on first impressions, the PWHL is definitely aiming to mimic the success of the NHL. So, yes each team will have their home arena. But, for the opening season, there will be neutral matchup locations that join forces with the NHL. 

Additionally, the PWHL hopes to showcase entertainment by hosting exciting outdoor meetings or an All-Star weekend. Count me in!

how long is the PWHL Season?

Like I said, for now, the schedule will feature 24 games. The puck will drop in January and finish around the end of May. The league has already hushed any worries about the IIHF Women's World Championship participation, saying that they will accommodate a break in April. Finally, the ladies don't have to choose on which to miss out on and can simply head on over to play to grow the game of women's hockey. 

who plays in the PWHL?

The first-ever PWHL Draft will took place on September 18th in Toronto. It featured 15-rounds where we literally watched history and saw the founding players of these teams. 

However, a free-agency period started on September 1st and allows each of the six teams to sign up to three players to its 20-gal roster.

where can i watch the PWHL Games?

The PWHL said -- accessibility. No matter where you're located, the league has ensured you can tune into each matchup across a variety of broadcasting channels. There will be no blackouts throughout the season and if your busy schedule forces you to miss a game, YouTube will offer game replays!

PWHL Rule Book Adjustments

The league has tweaked some rules that are different from any men's professional league. First off all, the point system awards three points for a regulation win, two points for an OT/SO win, one point for a OT/SO loss and no points for a regulation loss. 

Another fun altercation fans grabbed onto was that a shorthanded goal will kill a penalty. We love innovation! 

how is the PWHL Different from other women's hockey leagues?

Simple answer -- unity and support. If you remember, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman stated he would not be involved in the clashing of two women's leagues. Well Gary, now you don't have to. 

The PHF and NWHL, the first league to pay women's hockey players, slipped through the cracks after players were hesistant and unwilling to sign with either. Now, the PWHL comes along with a thoughtful plan, future and promise. 

The PWHL's agreement vows and ensures that at least six players on each squad must sign a three-year contract that pays no less than $80,000 per year.

Even those involved have a reputable hockey resume including Brian Burke, former Pittsburgh Penguins president, has signed on as executive director. 

With all concerns being smoothed over, the NHL has already come out to say that they will fully support this new league and help grow the game -- it's about damn time and yes, we're holding you to it. 

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