NHL Lockout: Odds Favor Cancelling Season

Not everyone sees positives in the fact the NHL owners and players are back at the bargaining table Tuesday.

While many were encouraged when the league proposed some new ideas, one sportsbook dumped cold water on that enthusiasm, posting odds Tuesday that favor a cancelled season.

Sportsbook Sportsbook asked the question: Will the NHL cancel the 2012-2013 Season?

And it made the 'yes' answer a -200 favorite with a 'no' bet the +150 underdog. It means a $100 bet on the 'no' would pay out $150 in profit while bettors would have to risk $200 to make $100 by betting 'yes.'

"We feel there is a better chance that it will happen," said Kevin Bradley of Sportsbook.

NHLPA boss Donald Fehr spoke briefly to reporters before the meeting in New York and hinted that the players saw 'no reason' to go backwards in their money or rights. He also stated that contracting rights - another area where the league wants clawbacks - are 'very important' to the players.

"It didn't exactly sound like a conciliatory tone," said Jack Randall. "I think they are all knuckleheads, risking the pissing-away of $3 billion this season, but they all seem much more determined than me to make their points."

The lockout - the third on Commish Gary Bettman's watch - is in its eighth week and has canned games in October and November so far. It also led to the cancellation of the Winter Classic, the outdoor game scheduled for the University of Michigan on Jan. 1.