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NHL Puckline Betting Report

NHL Puckline Betting Report

When betting on the NHL, it can sometimes be hard to find value in a team that’s either heavily favored or is a major underdog on the moneyline. Luckily for us, most sportsbooks give us a puckline, which is the same idea as a point spread in sports such as football and basketball.

The difference, of course, is that scores in hockey are much lower and the spread is always set at 1.5. This means that in order to cash a spread bet, a favorite must win by two goals or an underdog must not lose by more than one goal.

Each week we’ll update every team’s puckline records for the 2021 season. See the table below for the records and profits.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on May 11, 2021

Best Puckline Records
TeamRecordProfitRecord as FavProfit as FavRecord as DogProfit as Dog
Rangers35-21 (62.5%)1168.5814-111094.1221-1074.46
Oilers29-25 (53.7%)663.9217-19705.012-6-41.08
Predators29-27 (51.8%)68.8610-12605.019-15-536.14
Wild29-25 (53.7%)878.9917-21665.012-4213.99
Lightning24-32 (42.9%)-43.8324-3156.170-1-100
Penguins26-30 (46.4%)-353.0816-2231.7510-8-384.83
Golden Knights25-30 (45.5%)-38.2721-29-122.944-184.67
Hurricanes25-31 (44.6%)144.120-28210.915-3-66.81
Panthers28-28 (50.0%)127.6915-22135.013-6-7.31
Jets33-21 (61.1%)154.876-995.027-11159.87
Avalanche22-32 (40.7%)-818.3220-31-790.872-1-27.45
Capitals28-27 (50.9%)117.1112-19200.016-8-82.89
Bruins22-33 (40.0%)-265.9720-32-244.682-1-21.3
Islanders29-27 (51.8%)284.1114-2375.015-4209.11
Canucks23-27 (46.0%)-868.384-7-60.018-20-870.11
Blackhawks30-26 (53.6%)-381.735-9-75.025-17-306.73
Maple Leafs21-33 (38.9%)-554.5818-33-674.713-0120.13
Canadiens23-32 (41.8%)-314.6314-26-169.099-6-145.54
Coyotes27-29 (48.2%)-322.167-1465.020-15-387.16
Flames24-28 (46.2%)-418.1110-22-485.014-666.89
Stars26-30 (46.4%)-549.910-22-480.016-8-69.9
Flyers26-30 (46.4%)-473.689-20-370.017-10-103.68
Sharks30-25 (54.5%)-80.514-9-80.026-16-0.51
Kings31-23 (57.4%)-183.533-9-355.028-14171.47
Blues21-33 (38.9%)-1491.986-26-1625.015-7133.02
Devils31-25 (55.4%)-459.711-5-305.030-20-154.71
Blue Jackets26-30 (46.4%)-1293.892-14-1055.024-16-238.89
Red Wings36-20 (64.3%)567.620-0036-20567.62
Senators34-21 (61.8%)326.830-1-10034-20426.83
Ducks34-22 (60.7%)-149.280-2-20034-2050.72
Sabres26-30 (46.4%)-1053.00-5-50026-25-553.0