Sportsbook Sets 2016 Stanley Cup Odds

The 2016 Stanley Cup odds are out, and it's the Chicago Blackhawks that are set as the favorites at sportsbook Sportsbook to claim the trophy again at the end of the next campaign.

Odds released by Sportsbook on Tuesday morning set the Blackhawks as the 7/1 favorites on the Sportsbook 2016 Stanley Cup betting lines, just hours after they'd finished off the Tampa Bay Lightning to win their third Cup in six years on Monday night.

The New York Rangers, who fell to the Lightning in the Eastern Conference final this past season, are then at 8/1 on the Sportsbook 2016 Stanley Cup odds, followed by the Anaheim Ducks - the losers in the Western Conference final - at 10/1, and the Lightning and the St. Louis Blues at 12/1.

Three disappointing clubs from this past season are also in the upper half of the Sportsbook 2016 Stanley Cup odds, with the Los Angeles Kings and the Pittsburgh Penguins at 14/1, and the Boston Bruins at 16/1. The Kings and the Bruins missed the playoffs last season.

The Minnesota Wild and the Montreal Canadiens are also at 14/1 on those Sportsbook NHL futures at Sportsbook, with the Nashville Predators joining the Bruins at 16/1 odds, and Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals a step back of those clubs at 18/1 odds.

The Edmonton Oilers, on the verge of adding hotshot prospect Connor McDavid to their roster at next week's NHL Draft, are at 33/1 on the Sportsbook Stanley Cup odds for 2016, tying them with the Detroit Red Wings. The Toronto Maple Leafs, hoping that new head coach Mike Babcock will make a difference next season, are back at 66/1.

Sportsbook Odds To Win 2016 Stanley Cup at Sportsbook
  • Chicago Blackhawks 7/1
  • New York Rangers 8/1
  • Anaheim Ducks 10/1
  • St. Louis Blues 12/1
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1
  • Los Angeles Kings 14/1
  • Minnesota Wild 14/1
  • Montreal Canadiens 14/1
  • Pittsburgh Penguins 14/1
  • Boston Bruins 16/1
  • Nashville Predators 16/1
  • Washington Capitals 18/1
  • New York Islanders 22/1
  • Winnipeg Jets 25/1
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 33/1
  • Detroit Red Wings 33/1
  • Edmonton Oilers 33/1
  • Calgary Flames 40/1
  • San Jose Sharks 40/1
  • Vancouver Canucks 40/1
  • Ottawa Senators 50/1
  • Colorado Avalanche 66/1
  • Dallas Stars 66/1
  • New Jersey Devils 66/1
  • Philadelphia Flyers 66/1
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 66/1
  • Florida Panthers 75/1
  • Arizona Coyotes 100/1
  • Buffalo Sabres 100/1
  • Carolina Hurricanes 100/1