Stanley Cup Odds: Penguins Top List

When you have the best player in the league, you will always be considered a favorite, whether its Stanley Cup odds or college football odds.

When you have the best two players in the league, your odds get shorter.

That’s the situation in Pittsburgh where oddsmakers and bettors alike have caught on to the fact that Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby give the Pens the best 1-2 punch in hockey.

So even though they draw a tough first-round battle with the hated state rivals from Philly, they are favored at Sportsbook on the Sportsbook Stanley Cup odds menu at 4/1.

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Two teams that finished ahead of them in the standings are 11/2 and the second NHL betting choices. The New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks are each 11/2 odds.

Meanwhile, the defending champion Bruins are 8/1 and a dangerous foe because of their depth and experience.

Just ahead of Boston is St. Louis, who challenged for the league’s top spot most of the season. Many feel they are an upset candidate here in the first round against the San Jose Sharks.

The Blues are 15/2 while Western teams Detroit and Nashville are 12/1 and 14/1 respectively. The aforementioned Flyers have injury problems and are priced too low at 14/1.

On the list of exact Cup final matchups, the Vancouver vs Pittsburgh matchup is the shortest odds at 7/1. If you think the eighth-seeded Ottawa Senators and Los Angeles Kings will meet in the final, that’s a 300/1 longshot.

Odds to win the 2012 Stanley Cup - lines courtesy of Sportsbook

Pittsburgh Penguins                4/1

New York Rangers                 11/2

Vancouver Canucks                11/2

St. Louis Blues                        15/2

Boston Bruins                         8/1

Detroit Red Wings                  12/1

Nashville Predators                 14/1

Philadelphia Flyers                  14/1

Chicago Blackhawks              16/1

San Jose Sharks                       18/1

Los Angeles Kings                  20/1

New Jersey Devils                  25/1

Washington Capitals               30/1

Florida Panthers                      35/1

Ottawa Senators                     40/1

Phoenix Coyotes                     40/1

Odds to win the 2012 NHL Western Conference  

Vancouver Canucks                19/10

St. Louis Blues                        3/1

Detroit Red Wings                  13/2

Nashville Predators                 7/1

Chicago Blackhawks              15/2

San Jose Sharks                       10/1

Los Angeles Kings                  12/1

Phoenix Coyotes                     18/1


Odds to win the 2012 NHL Eastern Conference   

Pittsburgh Penguins                19/10

New York Rangers                 21/10

Boston Bruins                         9/2

Philadelphia Flyers                  7/1

New Jersey Devils                  12/1

Washington Capitals               16/1

Florida Panthers                      20/1

Ottawa Senators                     22/1

2012 Stanley Cup Exact Matchup Odds

Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins                      45/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Florida Panthers                   175/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs New Jersey Devils               100/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs New York Rangers              25/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Ottawa Senators                  180/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers              65/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh Penguins             25/1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Washington Capitals            140/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins                         40/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Florida Panthers                      150/1

Detroit Red Wings vs New Jersey Devils                  90/1

Detroit Red Wings vs New York Rangers                 20/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators                     170/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Philadelphia Flyers                  55/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins                20/1

Detroit Red Wings vs Washington Capitals               125/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Boston Bruins                         70/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Florida Panthers                      250/1

Los Angeles Kings vs New Jersey Devils                  165/1

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers                 35/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Ottawa Senators                     300/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Philadelphia Flyers                  100/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Pittsburgh Penguins                35/1

Los Angeles Kings vs Washington Capitals               200/1

Nashville Predators vs Boston Bruins                                    40/1

Nashville Predators vs Florida Panthers                     165/1

Nashville Predators vs New Jersey Devils                  100/1

Nashville Predators vs New York Rangers                22/1

Nashville Predators vs Ottawa Senators                     175/1

Nashville Predators vs Philadelphia Flyers                 60/1

Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins               22/1

Nashville Predators vs Washington Capitals              125/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Boston Bruins                            100/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Florida Panthers                         400/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs New Jersey Devils                      250/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs New York Rangers                    55/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Ottawa Senators                         400/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Philadelphia Flyers                     150/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Pittsburgh Penguins                   50/1

Phoenix Coyotes vs Washington Capitals                  300/1

San Jose Sharks vs Boston Bruins                              55/1

San Jose Sharks vs Florida Panthers                           225/1

San Jose Sharks vs New Jersey Devils                       140/1

San JoseSharks New York Rangers                           30/1

San Jose Sharks vs Ottawa Senators                          250/1

San JoseSharks Philadelphia Flyers                           80/1

San Jose Sharks vs Pittsburgh Penguins                     30/1

San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals                    175/1

St. Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins                               20/1

St. Louis Blues vs Florida Panthers                            75/1

St. Louis Blues vs New Jersey Devils                        50/1

St. Louis Blues vs New York Rangers                       11/1

St. Louis Blues vs Ottawa Senators                           90/1

St. Louis Blues vs Philadelphia Flyers                        30/1

St. Louis Blues vs Pittsburgh Penguins                      10/1

St. Louis Blues vs Washington Capitals                     65/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins                       14/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers                    55/1

Vancouver Canucks vs New Jersey Devils                 35/1

Vancouver Canucks vs New york Rangers                15/2

Vancouver Canucks vs Ottaw Senators                     65/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Philadelphia Flyers                22/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Pittsburgh Penguins              7/1

Vancouver Canucks vs Washington Capitals             45/1