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Dear Santa: What Is On Every NHL Team’s Christmas Wish List?

Here at Odds Shark, we are all on the nice list – probably for all of our charitable work helping you cash in the best bets for your favorite sports. So, we are pretty tight with the big man up at the North Pole. We got a sneak peek at each NHL team’s Christmas list; it was borrowed (not stolen) from Santa’s workshop by those quick, sneaky elves – and we can neither confirm nor deny whether Alex DeBrincat was one of them.

What Does Every NHL Team Want For Christmas?

Anaheim Ducks

How To Goaltend For Dummies book so their netminders can focus on stopping the goals instead of trying to score them. I'm glaring at you Lukas Dostal, you have a 3.85 GAA and .888SV% so just stop the puck before you all end up on another eight game skid. 

Arizona Coyotes

To finally be let out of the timeout corner. They were demoted to a college arena that they struggled to sell-out last season. But now, they're playing well and Mullett Arena is filling up its 35 seats or whatever. Get em' a bigger arena, Santa. 

Boston Bruins

Anxiety medication for all the OT and SO endings in December. Talk about holiday stress.

Buffalo Sabres

To make the third jersey's permanent after their 10-1-1 last season wearing the devilish Buffalo. Oh, and some holiday spirit for Erik Johnson.

Calgary Flames

A crystal ball. That way maybe they could've seen how dull Huberdeau was going to be. 

Carolina Hurricanes

A new storm surge playoff. They're running out of celebration ideas. 

Chicago Blackhawks

A dad's trip.

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Colorado Avalanche

A cloning machine to duplicate the first line. Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen and Valeri Nichushkin have nearly 117 points combined. Clearly, the Avs are top heavy just like Saint Nick.

Columbus Blue Jackets

A phone privacy screen protector. You know the ones that blackout the screen if say like a coach is looking over your shoulder or trying to sneakily scroll through personal photos and such? 

Dallas Stars 

For a hockey game to just be 20-minutes. As of mid-December, the Stars are 20-10 the OVER on first period totals and riding a 10-game streak before Christmas morning. You'd be up 7-units if you bet their first period OVER this year, that's some extra cash for presents!

Detroit Red Wings

Patrick Kane circa 2015.

Edmonton Oilers

An all-inclusive couple's massage and getaway retreat for McDavid and Draisaitl. They deserve it for always carrying the weight of the team on their backs.

Florida Panthers

Bobrovsky to play like he does in the postseason year-round.

LA Kings

A travel voucher because the Kings stay winning when they're on the road, becoming the first NHL team to win 13 of their first 15 away meetings.

But tell Todd McLellan not to wear a popular brown trench coat, otherwise they team might get him mixed up with a stranger in the airport and end up at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Minnesota Wild

Whatever the elves can craft up to help the penalty kill, which sits second-worst in the league.

Montreal Canadiens

A way to just finally admit to fans that Carey Price is never coming back. Ever. 

Nashville Predators 

A reason to raise another pointless banner. 

And hey, they just may be on pace to get one. Between November 15 and December 17, the Predators clawed through the most points (26) and wins (13) in the league. 

New Jersey Devils

Quinn Hughes to complete the trifecta. 

New York Islanders

The nightmare of John Tavares to end. Ban him from the island all together, actually. 

New York Rangers

A 2020 NHL Draft redo... "And with the first overall pick of the draft, the New York Rangers are proud to select... Tim Stutzle."

Ottawa Senators

Just a do-over, man. Like back to 2006. 

Philadelphia Flyers

The secret to surviving the Tortorella torture. 

Pittsburgh Penguins 

A life support subscription. This team is getting old fast and not the threat they used to be. If your success stories start with "back in my day", it might be time to start the rebuild.

San Jose Sharks

Hey, they said it. Not us. The Sharks should just take anything they can get, okay?

Seattle Kraken

A defibrillator to shock themselves so maybe they can finally start playing with a bit more heart like last season.

St. Louis Blues

A box of tissues for the locker room. Clearly, the tears work in their favor. Keep the waterworks coming.

Tampa Bay Lightning

A nice cold tub to refresh themselves for another long playoff run. I mean, 18 playoff wins and two Stanley Cup's since 2015 has the boys gassed.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Skating lessons.

Vancouver Canucks

Their wish didn't come true last year so the Canucks are once against asking for a Silent Night. The media can be a real Grinch year-round. 

Vegas Golden Knights

Hoping to get lucky with a back-to-back championship run. 

Washington Capitals

For Ovechkin to just break Gretzky's 894 NHL goal record, already. He's less than 75 away. Maybe then the Caps can finally move on and embrace the inevitable rebuild.

Winnipeg Jets 

A well-frothed latte, apparently. That would really bring in the talent.

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