Winnipeg Longshot To Win Cup in First Year

The last time an NHL team relocated in 1996, the team won the Stanley Cup in its first year in its new home.

The odds of that happening again now that the Atlanta Thrashers are officially moving to Winnipeg is 80/1, according to the first online sportsbook to post Winnipeg NHL odds - Sportsbook. Back in 1996, the Colorado Avalanche was born after the Quebec Nordiques left town and the Avs won the Cup in Denver.

The return of hockey to Winnipeg has been huge news in Canada for several years, but everyone expected it would be the Phoenix Coyotes returning to Winnipeg. Instead, it’s the Atlanta Thrashers heading north and the Georgia city becomes the only city to lose an NHL team twice (they lost the Flames to Calgary in 1980).

Sportsbook opened the Winnipeg team as an 80/1 Stanley Cup longshot and made the Jets the favorite position for the new team name. It is -160 at Sportsbook.

There are also wagering lines on ‘will they win the Eastern Conference’ and ‘will they win the Southeast Division’ in their first year in Manitoba. As well, the over under for points has been set at 83.5.

For fans of the former Jets, who recall Teemu Selanne’s rookie scoring exploits in the early 1990s, there is a fun prop on whether Selanne will sign with the Jets by the end of July. He is currently a free agent in Anaheim, where he has remained a top player despite his advancing age.

Winnipeg NHL Odds courtesy of Sportsbook :

Will the Winnipeg based NHL team win the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup?
Yes     80/1

Will the Winnipeg based NHL team win the 2011-2012 Eastern Conference?
Yes    40/1

Will the Winnipeg based NHL team win the 2011-2012 Southeast Conference?
Yes    16/1

How many points will the Winnipeg based NHL team during the 2011-2012 Regular Season?
Over 83.5
Under 83.5

Will the Winnipeg based NHL team be called the Jets?
Yes     -160
No     +120

Will the Winnipeg based NHL team sell 13000 season tickets by June 21st 2011?
Yes     -350
No     +275

Will Teemu Selanne sign a contact with the Winnipeg based NHL team by July 31st 2011
Yes     10/1