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How to Get the Most out of the OddsShark App

Enjoy all of the same OddsShark content that you'd find on the desktop site - but in an app. The OddsShark App builds upon the same great odds information that has made OddsShark a leading provider of sports betting information. With the OddsShark App, you're not tied to your desktop computer to view lines, editorial and matchup reports - you can do it all with the tap of a finger in the user-friendly App. 

The one thing that sets the App apart from our desktop site is the Bet Tracker. How often have we made a three or four bet parlay on Sunday afternoon, but forgot which teams we picked? The Bet Tracker will prevent you from having to run to your computer and log into your sportsbook to refresh your memory - you can check it on the app in mere seconds. 

Simply place your wager at your sportsbook and find the event on our app, then click on the line for your book and enter the required information. The data – the game you bet on, how much you wagered, and your winning payout - will be available at all times. We will even grade your wager and let you know if you were successful or not.

This App requires an active data connection or WiFi to function properly.

Scores and Tracking Your Bets 

Once the match concludes, the App will automatically grade the results to determine how you fared. We try to have tracked bets graded in a timely manner, but in some cases, it may take up to two hours for some scores to become available and wagers officially graded.

Which sportsbooks are available?

The OddsShark App includes any sportsbook whose odds are displayed on OddsShark.com. The App includes safe, secure and trustworthy online sportsbooks that have been reviewed by OddsShark.com industry experts. We do all of the guesswork for you - the most difficult thing you are tasked with is picking a sportsbook. 

Symbols & Icons

You have won the wager, based on the line provided and the score we have used to grade the outcome.

You lost the wager

‘Push’ or ‘No Action’ means the game ended without a Sportsbook or loser and your stake (the amount you bet) should be returned to you from the book. If you bet on a football team at -3 and they win 23-20, that is a ‘push’ or tie. If a game is rained out or cancelled due to weather, it may be graded ‘no action’ by your sportsbook (check book rules).

Add a wager with this information to your bet tracker. The default information provided in each field can be manually edited to suit your needs. In other words, if the Track Your Bets App has your team at -3.5, but you are betting them at -4, you can edit the line field.

Click on the logo to see the current odds at that sportsbook site.

Glossary of Terms
  • Cover – The act of winning by enough to beat the point spread, in which case you have “covered the spread.”
  • Lines – Another word for odds.
  • Moneyline – A wager selecting a team or athlete without a point spread involved. Essentially who will win, this is a common way of wagering on baseball, hockey, boxing and MMA.
  • Odds - A value assigned to a team or player in a contest to equalize the chances of all participants.
  • Sportsbook - The initial point spread, money line or total offered by any sportsbook to bettors.
  • Pick’em (Pk) or Even (Ev) – A game in which there is no favorite (even odds).
  • Pointspread – A set amount of points that the favorite surrenders or the underdog receives as a handicap to make betting the game more even. If you see a team is -3, they are favored by three points and must win by four or more to cover the spread. If the other team is +3, they are underdogs of three points, so they can lose by 1-2 points and still cover the spread.
  • Price – Essentially, this is the amount you pay to book the bet. It is the book’s commission (also known as ‘juice’ and ‘vig’) for handling the bet. Bettors typically risk $110 to win $100 when betting football or basketball games and the extra $10 is considered the juice. If you win your bet, you get your $10 back plus your winnings. If you lose, you lose your bet amount plus the $10. Different books may offer less ‘juice’ at -105 or more in some cases (-115 or higher).
  • Spread – Short for “point spread”.
  • Total & Over/Under – – A bet on whether the combined points/goals/runs scored by both teams combined will go over or under a number specified by the sportsbook (called the ‘Total.’)

About Odds Shark & Disclaimer

The information contained on this App and the OddsShark.com website is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies or loss resulting from use of this app. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited.

Odds Shark is not associated with, nor is it endorsed by, any professional or collegiate league, association or team. Odds Shark is purely informational and does not accept wagers or partake in the act of gambling.

The site and this app is designed to gather odds from many sources to allow fans to see the best line on a particular game. It also is designed to help fans track their legal wagers so they can remember and monitor them.

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