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Odds Shark Editorial Staff

You have read their articles and enjoyed their insights, now learn a bit more about the people behind the keyboards here at OddsShark.com. Trusted as news sources for the SBNation odds section and accorded full 'Writer' status there, this team of sports writers has articles and quotes gracing websites and magazines around the world covering every facet of the gaming industry.

Jon Campbell

Sometimes you look at the odds for your favorite sporting event and you feel about as sharp as a balloon. We’ve all been there – and that’s why OddsShark’s Jon Campbell is here.

Jon is our sports betting analyst and your best friend in betting after covering the sports wagering scene and throwing his action down at the books for over a decade. He was previously the managing editor at top 30 sports website Covers.com and has been published in major outlets like USA Today.com, NBC.com, the Chicago Tribune and has done media spots everywhere from TSN to ESPN to NBC.

If they’re playing it, Jon has bet on it. He’ll keep you informed and help you navigate through the twists and turns of futures, props, parlays and in-game odds no matter what your wagering experience.

Joe Osborne

Driven by instincts and analytics, Joe is a modern sports fan who aims to eliminate grey area and cut through the clutter to give readers concise information they need to make educated decisions. With one eye on the box scores and latest trends, and the other tracking his fantasy teams, Joe’s always focused on the games within the game. Joe is a well-rounded writer who puts more trust in the numbers than the athletes producing those numbers, and aims to deliver insights that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

Follow Joe on Twitter @JTFOZ.

Justin Hartling

A mix of old school journalist and new-media data nerd, Justin breaks down sports using number-based analytics to provide the deeper detail and angles many would miss. With experience covering a wide-range of sports, he thrives in finding the less-known, less-wagered sports, helping you expand your brain and bank account at the same time. Whether it is breaking down MMA, eSports, or football, Justin uses his years of experience to provide an editorial insight uniquely his own.

Stephen Campbell

Writing and sports have always been Stephen’s two loves, and he’s excited to bring his sports betting knowledge to OddsShark. Stephen is an NBA addict who lives and breathes hoops despite possessing a mediocre jump shot. An avid fan of the Toronto Raptors, his work can also be found on SB Nation’s team blog Raptors HQ. Off the court, he’s a dedicated follower of the PGA Tour and enjoys providing his weekly golf analysis on the site.

Andrew Avery

The most recent addition to the OddsShark team, Andrew brings several years' experience in presenting sports bettors the news, stats, trends and insight they need to bet with confidence. Though you'll find his work covering most leagues on our site, check out our NHL, MLB and Soccer pages for his most frequent content.

Mike Pickett

Mike Pickett cut his journalistic teeth in hockey editorial, but after a successful run hitting NFL picks and beating the college football line he is one to watch (and read). A fantasy hockey expert at heart, he has parlayed that knowledge of player tendencies and team depth charts into a profitable career and a featured position at OddsShark. After winning several major fantasy championships he turned to wagering on sports. From the first NFL preseason game in August to the Super Bowl in February – and every college football game in between – Mike offers up analysis that is outside the mainstream pigskin preview realm.

‘It’s pretty easy to regurgitate what passes for football ‘insights’ these days. I drill down past the obvious, zero in on the few truly significant angles and situations of the week and look for edges in my NFL picks. Whether you agree or disagree or whether I win or lose, you will agree we are digging into important areas of football handicapping that are often ignored.’

Mike Dempsey

Think about what 30 years of wisdom and experience could do for you in your current job. Mike Dempsey is one of the most knowledgeable horsemen in America and he’s also one of the sport’s true good guys. He knows the industry inside and out, from the smallest races in California to the biggest races in the world in the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup. He’ll provide exclusive articles for OddsShark.com readers, advising them on horse wagering news and opportunities and dropping some of his free picks along the way.

‘Running TurfnSport.com has been a labor of love for me, handicapping and writing about the sport I love. Whether you’re a once-a-year Kentucky Derby bettor, a weekend horse betting warrior or a daily track player, I have something for everyone.’