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This Week in Gambling Twitter: The UNDER Lock of the Season

Pamela Maldonado's recap in "This Week in Gambling Twitter"

Football is my betting jam. Pairing the pigskin with wagering comes as naturally to me as a belly dance does to Shakira. But we’re in the basketball portion of the sports calendar and my limited hoop knowledge leaves me feeling exposed.

I’m a bettor through and through, though, and just because I don’t follow a sport doesn’t mean I won’t bet on it. Thankfully, the Gambling Twitter community has my back. I’m always looking for solid bets to make by tailing folks who know other sports. A tweet from Gilles Gallant caught my attention.

I checked for myself and indeed he was (mostly) correct. All but one Virginia home game this season had not gone over 121 points. Gilles followed that up by tweeting out that he’d placed a bet on the UNDER 121.5.

I tailed. I don’t watch college basketball but I trust him, and logic seemed to align with the wager so I took a shot. It was definitely a no-sweat bet. Final score: 50-49, even after going into overtime.

I wouldn’t say that’s “fun basketball” but outscoring your opponent 3-2 is … something.

Could We See a Copycat Dunk This Weekend?

Again, I don’t watch basketball but this is impressive.

Some are calling it fake, but I don’t know, I’ve watched this a dozen times and can’t see it not being real. And it comes just in time, right before the dunk contest on Saturday.

If these four players are expected to be the best of the best to win the Dunk Contest, then I wonder if we could see this sweet, sweet move replicated.

Week 2 of the XFL: Will it Be as Successful?

The second week of the XFL kicks off this Saturday after getting mostly good reviews from Week 1. The general consensus appears to be that the XFL product could be something that sees a full season. From a 10-minute halftime, the coaches being mic’d, three PAT options (scoring attempt from the 2-yard is 1 point, from the 5-yard is 2 points, and from the 10-yard is 3 points), to in-game post-play sideline reporting, it seems the XFL could have a real shot of going the distance.

And according to Pro Football Talk, the four XFL games played were the four most-watched sporting events of the weekend. Let’s see if it can continue that trend.

Week 2 lines are out!

We can still look back at Week 1. More of this, please!

Consider Joe for a follow on XFL, he’s an expert now.

Bragging is the Kiss of Death in Sports Betting



Iain fired on the Predators to beat the Canucks at -115 (extra juice, yikes!). Not only did the Preds not win, they got stomped, losing 6-2. In all fairness, he did warn you.

It was pretty much this all night. Got beat by the butt

Where Will Joel Embiid Play Next Season?

Embiid likes to play villain, and he plays the role well.

This was his response after rumors of him being traded, to which former teammate Jimmy Butler (Miami) stepped in and replied with: “I know a place where villains are welcome.”

Then there’s this.

Could he stay with the 76ers? There’s a betting option for that.