Jamie Vardy England Euro 2016

This Week in Sports Betting

In case you weren’t aware, May is full-blown degenerate season.

It’s that time of year where a quick peek at your betting history makes you swear someone had hacked your account.

World Hockey Championship pucklines. In-game dirt ball tennis OVER/UNDERs by set. Three-ball golf match betting. (Because two balls just isn’t enough sometimes.)

And that’s all before noon.

After that it’s afternoon baseball, maybe a fixed soccer match or two – which is all really just the undercard. The main event comes in the evening when playoff puck and hoops action gets rolling.

I even bet on when a snowbank would melt one May.

To the non-sports bettor this sounds like someone who needs to be committed. To the everyday sports bettor it just sounds like spring.

You really won’t find a more engaged sports fan than the bettor and it can be a blast. Be careful, though. You can watch your bankroll disappear in a hurry if you’re not paying attention.

What I like to do is open a separate account if I really need action and want to stay in the game. I bet small and treat it primarily as entertainment.

I highly recommend this practice if you love all sports and want to engage in spring fever wagering. Doesn’t make you a bad person. You just don’t want to be a bad bettor. So play it smart.

Big Bet On Euro 2016

Graham Sharpe, a media relations director with Sportsbook in the UK, tweeted that Hills received a £50,000 wager on England to win Euro next month. England is 10-1 and the bet came in from a client from Kent and is the book’s largest punt on the tournament.

You’d better believe UK books are sweating a little this year. They always get a pile of quid on England for international competitions but this is the first year in a long time the English are actually good enough to put a scare into anyone.

England was perfect in European qualifying, winning all 10 of its matches.

You want a trend?

Heading into Game 1 between the OKC Thunder and the Golden State Warriors, Golden State was 37-0 this season when heading into the second half with a double-digit lead.

Now they are 37-1.

That’s the way the puck bounces

It’s getting a little silly but every week we have a new favorite to win the Stanley Cup and at a different price. Last week the Pittsburgh Penguins were the faves at +175. Now it’s the Blues at +165.

The Pens’ loss to Tampa Bay in Game 1 was enough to bump them from the top spot in oddsmakers’ hearts. Pittsburgh bounced back in Game 2 and they are now 16-0 in their last 16 games following a loss.