MyCitadel is an increasingly popular e-wallet for online poker play. Over 1,000,000 accounts are registered with myCitadel, which has become much more widely supported throughout the leading names in online and mobile poker. Setting up an account takes just a couple of minutes, and you can start depositing and withdrawing your money as soon as your account is ready. Cheap to use with heightened security features to protect your private details, myCitadel is a solid choice for players concerned about protecting their data and limiting their exposure to fraud.

Functioning in much the same way as other e-wallets, it is possible to both hold money in your myCitadel account and withdraw it directly to your linked bank accounts. This makes it easy to get access to your winnings quickly, as well as making it possible to fund deposits from your balance, or directly from your linked account as required.

MyCitadel Advantages
  • Flexible way to manage both deposits and withdrawals from your poker account
  • Trusted brand, becoming ever more widely accepted at major poker sites
  • Additional security features help prevent fraud and protect your private information
  • Hold money or withdraw your winnings for quick access to your funds
  • Short payment turnaround times, with no additional charges across most poker sites
  • Eligible for deposit bonuses and other incentives
  • Strong customer support features to help you resolve any issues
MyCitadel Disadvantages
  • Not accepted universally, and many poker sites are still to add myCitadel as a compatible payment method
  • Two-step withdrawal process to move your funds to your bank account, which adds a step to withdrawing winnings


Depositing from myCitadel is an easy process, especially once you’ve set up your account and linked your payment card. You can pay directly to the poker room through your myCitadel account without having to load up funds first, for a more streamlined process. Poker rooms are more than obliging in taking payments from myCitadel and similar services because of the low risk they represent, which in turn leads to no additional fees and fast processing times.


While withdrawal to your bank account is a two-step process, it is usually handled with similar speed and the same low costs. The secure nature of the platform means all withdrawals are processed safely, and the option to retain funds in your myCitadel e-wallet makes the whole service as streamlined as possible.

MyCitadel FAQs

There are some common questions regarding myCitadel deposits that can be answered below

Why Should I Use MyCitadel?

MyCitadel is a low-cost, flexible way to manage your payments. The in-built tracking features allow you to keep on top of how much you are spending and paying in, perfect for holding total control over your bankroll. Fast payment processing times, plus additional security over other payment methods makes this a solid choice for any poker player.

Can I Withdraw To MyCitadel?

Withdrawals are just as easy as deposits, with no fees normally payable for processing. With myCitadel, you can choose to hold funds in deposit in your account, or to pull them to your bank account so you can spend the money as you please. Withdrawals are usually processed quickly, and players often report myCitadel as being a reliable method for gaining access to your winnings promptly.

Do I Qualify For Bonuses?

Most poker rooms make bonuses eligible to depositing players, regardless of the method used to fund the deposit. In the case of myCitadel and most other e-wallets, poker rooms are generally more amenable than average, due to the low risk and low cost for them in handling these types of payments.

Is MyCitadel Widely Accepted?

Not every poker site in the world is geared up to accept myCitadel. However, there are a huge number of poker sites out there that can take deposits and process withdrawals through this medium, so there’s no need to get disheartened if you come across a site that isn’t compatible.