Neteller is the payment method of choice for many online gamblers. Specifically designed for poker and other online gambling deposits and withdrawals, Neteller is widely accepted by poker rooms right across the internet, with support for users from across the world. It is quick and easy to add and withdraw funds through your Neteller account, and importantly players who are geographically restricted on PayPal and other similar payment accounts can take advantage of the features of Neteller.

Best Neteller Poker Sites

Most poker sites process Neteller transactions free of charge, and some even add additional bonus credit for Neteller deposits, to encourage users to make this their default payment method of choice. A highly trusted brand tailored to the needs of poker customers, you can’t go wrong with this highly secure, low-cost platform.

Neteller Advantages
  • Specifically designed with the gambling market in mind, ideal for transferring to and from your poker account
  • Quick payment processing times, for rapid access to deposits and withdrawals
  • Low transaction costs and minimal fees, with a huge number of supporting poker sites
  • Secure method of banking, as a high trusted brand in the online payment space
  • Available internationally, perfect for customers who are not eligible to use PayPal or other accounts
Neteller Disadvantages
  • Not supported by every poker site, although widely supported throughout the industry
  • Two-step transaction process, so you need to do a further withdrawal from Neteller to get access to your funds


Depositing funds with Neteller is a breeze, and participating poker sites will often credit your funds instantly to your account. There are usually no additional fees to pay, and linking your account with your payment card can make sending payments a quicker process. Widely trusted by poker players worldwide, you can even track your spending on the deposit side through your online account, to keep closer tabs on what you are sending over to each poker site.


The withdrawals process is similarly cost-effective and easy. You may have to pay fees once your withdrawal hits your Neteller account, but from here you can quickly pull the money to your bank account for maximum flexibility, or spend directly from your Neteller account to fund your next deposit or shop online, where supported. There are seldom any fees for Neteller withdrawals, with poker sites actively encouraging their players to use payment methods of this kind.

Neteller FAQs

There are a few common questions asked when bettors are preparing to make a Neteller deposit:

Is Neteller A Recommended Payment Method For Poker?

Neteller is specifically optimized for online poker and gambling customers, and this represents one of their key markets. As a result, you can expect fast payment processing, hookups with many of the world’s leading poker sites, and quick access to your withdrawals. Their secure system is cheap to use, and you can navigate your way through the service with ease — ideal for players who are more interested in getting down to playing poker.

Are The Fees Manageable?

Neteller will charge fees for transactions, but these are set at the Neteller agreed level for your account, and are often cheaper than comparable services. In terms of fees from the poker site, it is highly unlikely you will have to pay any additional costs to deposit or withdraw via your Neteller account.

Can I Use Neteller In The U.S.?

Yes. One of the main reasons Neteller has become so popular is that it fills the void left by other providers in the U.S. Some e-wallets and online payment services face restrictions when operating in the U.S., which has a knock-on effect for U.S.-based customers. This isn’t the case with Neteller, which allows you to move your funds pretty much regardless of where you live.

How Quickly Can I Access Funds?

The process for accessing your withdrawals is quick and seamless. The same can be said for deposits, which are usually processed quickly by supported poker sites, so you can play virtually uninterrupted.