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partypoker Launches First-Ever Online Poker Coach ‘My Game’


A personal poker coach is one of the best (and most expensive) ways to dramatically improve your poker game.

Earlier this month partypoker launched a tool called “My Game” that emulates some of the qualities of a poker coach at a dramatically lower cost.

The interactive tool is currently on beta in the partypoker software client and is free to anyone who plays on the site. All players have to do is navigate to the My Game tab in the partypoker client.

My Game automatically tracks players’ hands and uses the data to provide players with detailed information such as how often they fold, how often they bet and more.

Several poker sites have introduced teaching tools in the past but none quite as fully realized as partypoker’s My Game.

Support for Tournaments Coming Soon

Currently My Game is restricted just to cash games but support for multi-table tournaments will be coming shortly, according to partypoker.

My Game focuses primarily on fundamentals so it will be more useful for new players but players of all experience levels will likely find the service somewhat helpful, particularly if they don’t currently use any hand-tracking software to keep track of their game.

The software uses Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy to break down play. It won’t help with exploitative play, such as targeting an opponent who raises all the time.

The My Game tool provides a report card to every player at the end of each session. The report card is broken down into five main categories:

  • Key Stats
  • Stealing and Blind Defense
  • 3 and 4 Betting
  • Post-flop Aggression
  • Showdowns

It takes about 24 hours to generate the report card and players will be assessed a grade based on their play each day, with seven different ranks from Rookie to Elite Pro. Anything less than an “A” will give players tailored hints and strategies for improving their game.

My Game requires a sample size of at least 100 hands so players must put in at least 100 hands of play to benefit from the software.

The idea behind My Game is that players will be able to see if they have any glaring leaks that are costing them money. For instance, if a player isn’t defending their blinds correctly, it can cost them a huge amount of value over a large number of hands.

partypoker Introduces New Twitch Streaming Team

It’s been a busy new year for partypoker as the site also recently announced a new “Team Online” that will center around high-profile Twitch poker streamers and content creators.

The team currently includes Canadian Matt Staples, brother of Twitch phenom Jaime Staples, fellow Canadians Travis “dramaticdegen” Darroch and Patrick “XxXMLGPROXxX” Tardif in addition to New Zealand’s Hristivoje “ALLinPav” Pavlovic.

More players are expected to be added to the team in the coming days.

Twitch viewership has become exceptionally important to online poker as players like Lex “RaSzi” Veldhuis, Jaime Staples and Jason Somerville have gotten hundreds of thousands of views while winning significant online tournaments.

It’s clear that partypoker plans on making a heavy push into the Twitch space in 2019. The site also recently signed a partnership with “The Thirst Lounge,” a Twitch channel founded by billionaire poker player Bill Perkins.

The Thirst Lounge encourages viewers to live their best life and has provided a window into the lavish high-stakes lifestyle of Perkins and his poker player friends.

Partypoker also recently introduced changes to its VIP program that will see high-end players potentially earn 60 percent rakeback. The site also added $1-million jackpot Spins for players buying in for just $5.