WSOP: Negreanu aims to realize ‘intentions’ in mixed-game marathon

Before the start of Event #62: $50,000 Poker Players Championship (Six-Handed), Daniel Negreanu posted one of his popular new video blogs for poker fans to “declare his intentions.”

That’s a phrase used by Choice Center, a personal development course that Negreanu has famously championed in recent years. As the strategy goes, vocalizing your intentions ahead of any major moment in life is the best way to train your mind toward pursuing those goals with relentless passion.

With the most important poker tournament this side of the World Series of Poker Main Event set to start, Negreanu drove to the Rio and told viewers exactly what he planned to do over the five-day mixed-game marathon.

Beginning with 250,000 chips, Negreanu’s goal for Day 1 was to end with 400,000 – and he finished play with 360,000.

For Day 2, the standard was set at one million even, and in a rarity, “Kid Poker” fell a bit short at 680,000.

On Day 3, he looked to put 2.4 million chips in his bag by night’s end, but was forced to “settle” for 2.2 million.

And the plan for yesterday’s Day 4 involved reaching the official six-handed final table as the owner of a six-million chip stack.

When the Poker Players Championship final table resumes Thursday, at 2 p.m. Las Vegas local time, Negreanu will be there – with 5.93 million chips to work with.

The daily progress report above may make his path to the poker pro’s Sportsbook look easy, but nothing ever is in one of the toughest tournaments on the planet. Back on Day 3, when 20 players were left in the field and a humble min-cash had still yet to be secured, Negreanu was down to crumbs with just 1.5 big bets.

The final intention voiced on Negreanu’s blog was to win all of the chips, though, so even on the edge of elimination, he focused and played to the best of his ability. Of course, a little luck always helps when short-stacked – that’s poker – but Negreanu willed his way back from the brink to build a chip lead heading into today’s final table.

With a chance to make a big leap in the WSOP Player of the Year standings – another intention laid out before the summer – and earn his seventh gold bracelet to boot, Negreanu has just five foes standing in his way.

Isaac Haxton (5,205,000), Elior Sion (4,750,000), Johannes Becker (4,560,000), Ivo Donev (2,990,000), and two-time bracelet Sportsbook Paul Volpe (1,570,000) all have a shot at derailing Negreanu’s determined path toward yet another elite achievement – and the $1,395,767 top prize, of course.

But following four days of truly inspired play on the felt, it feels like all five are simply bystanders to poker history, as Negreanu tries to transform his best intentions into reality.

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