Book to Book Betting Sites

Book to book betting sites are sportsbook websites that allow you to transfer your balance from one book to another. This form of financial transfer is unique to sportsbook sites, and there’s a good reason (and good strategy) behind it. Book to book transfers are sometimes called “B2B” for short.

Best Book to Book Betting Sites

Unlike casino gamblers or poker players, sports bettors can shop for improved odds by looking at wagers listed by other Sportsbooks. It’s good strategy for a sports bettor to be able to spread money out across a number of sportsbooks in order to take advantage of better prices and odds. The idea is to look for the best possible return for your investment – this is sound betting strategy, and book to book transfers make it easy to accomplish.

Let’s say you have $500 in your account at Sportsbook A, but Sportsbook B is offering reduced juice on a wager you want to make. To take advantage of that reduced juice offer, you could make a deposit to Sportsbook B – or you could transfer part or all of that $500 in the other book to your Sportsbook B account. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to make a book to book transfer than to go through an entire deposit process, one which might time you out of your reduced juice opportunity.

If it seems odd that sportsbooks would allow customers to make transfers to their competition, think of it this way – if they want to be able to receive transfers from customers of other books, they’re going to have to give their own customers the right to make such a transfer. It’s a business decision.

There’s no rule, however, that books have to advertise their book to book option. Plenty of sportsbooks will come right out and tell you on their cashier page that you can make such a transfer, but some hide that information, making it difficult to find. Other books may only allow you to make a book to book transfer to sites that they’re in partnership with or are owned by the same affiliate. 

Another issue – cost. You’re going to pay for the privilege of taking your money from one book and sending it to another. The reason the fees are so hefty? They know they can get away with it. Sportsbooks are well aware of why you’re making a book to book transfer, and they know you’re willing to pay for it.

It’s difficult to give specifics about fees, because a few of the world’s biggest sportsbook properties just aren’t willing to come out and give you a specific number. Other books go out of their way to advertise the fact that they charge no fees – though the transfer itself may incur fees from banks or other financial institutions, and books aren’t going to cover those charges for you in the case of a B2B transfer, in either direction.

Why Choose Book to Book for your Betting Site Deposits

The main reason a sportsbook customer would use a B2B transfer is to take advantage of a better offer at a different Sportsbook site. It’s the most convenient way to transfer funds between two existing book accounts – though not the cheapest. If you have time, it’s cheaper to withdraw your funds and make a deposit. Unfortunately, the drive behind most B2B transfers is a time-sensitive wager offer, so this is a moot point for a lot of bettors. If you have too much of your bankroll at one book and want to balance things out a bit, you may consider a book to book transfer.

Book to Book Betting Sites – What to Look For Before you Deposit

Here are three features to consider before choosing a book to book betting site:

Does the betting site charge fees for B2B transfers? Since several of the world’s top-rated books charge no additional fees, you can avoid sites that do.

What is the penalty for performing a book to book transfer? Does it outweigh your potential benefit? If so, don’t make the transfer, no matter how tempting the improved odds or costs of a wager.

Have you contacted your original site about a better offer?  Rather than make a transfer to get reduced juice or a half point on either side of your bet, let your cashier department know your intentions. Maybe they’ll make an acceptable counter-offer.

How do Other Betting Site Deposit Methods Compare to Book to Book?

Sometimes, a B2B transfer is the only thing that makes sense. Beware things like added fees and other harassments used by betting sites to discourage book to book transfers. If you try hard enough, you might be able to use the threat of a book to book transfer to get a special offer from your original betting site. Using B2B transfers is a good strategic tool used by the world’s best online sports bettors.