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Doc's Sports Picks Service Review

Here at Odds Shark, we are experts in our field so it only makes sense to test the services of others who are experts in theirs. Doc's Sports Picks is a pay-for-picks online sports betting site that provides skilled predictions on sports betting. Doc's Sports covers the NFL, college football, MLB, NHL, NBA, soccer, and basically any other sports you can think of, offering subscription packages designed to provide bettors with picks and analysis to help shape short-term and long-term wagers.

A Network of Betting Insiders

With a comprehensive How-to section, you can learn about handicapping and online betting systems used by Doc's Sports Pick's experts, including Doug Upstone, Tony George and Raphael Esparza to name a few. These experts offer exclusive predictions and betting tips through their own blogs, videos and pages (all of which are part of Doc's Spots network).

Doc's Sports staff devotes hours of research to all their picks to make sure they've reviewed every fumble, snap, goal scored and hit made by a team. Many sports bettors consider it the best site to buy sports picks. If Doc's Sports selections don't turn into any type of profitable payout for you, they extend your subscription for free until there's some kind of monetary yield.

Get $60 Free Trial

What Doc's Sports Picks lacks in fancy graphics and enticing offers, it more than makes up for in trust. The team at Doc's Sports has grown from a few friends deciding to open a sports handicapping business in 1971 to a full-fledged industry leader well over 40 years later.

The staff at Doc's Sports doesn't operate on commission and won't try to sell you on things like "locks" and "can't lose games". There are no bells and whistles with Doc's Sports picks, just a detailed analysis of why each pick makes sense to them.

Sports Handicapping Packages

Subscription options range from daily to monthly to seasonal. For instance, if you want predictions for the entire MLB season, you can purchase a package that covers all games, including playoffs.

Why Should I Use Doc's Sports to Make my Picks?

Many people prefer to use the services of a professional handicapper instead of making picks themselves.

For those who are looking for expert pick advice, Doc's Sports is the handicapping site for you. For bettors content with relying on free picks, you can also find those at Doc's Sports. But, their free picks don't give you the same analytical perspective that their subscription services include.

Most online sports bettors prefer to understand why they're being told to bet a certain way and you don't get that with Doc's free picks. Instead of them telling you to "Bet the OVER on Oakland" and leaving it at that, you'll get a detailed explanation of why it makes sense for you to place that particular wager.

If you are a novice bettor, you could benefit from using a picks service like Doc's Sports. Whether it's horse racing, football betting, NBA betting or NCAA basketball betting, there is no right or wrong way to place a wager. But if you're looking to learn how to bet on sports like a pro and increase your winnings, why not do it with Doc's Sports experts?

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