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Overview of Prediction Machine

Prediction Machine is a sports betting tool that uses thousands of game simulations, based on past history, trends and stats, to produce the most likely outcome of games. The projected final scores are the basis of Prediction Machine’s recommended picks for bettors.

How the Model Works

Prediction Machine takes historical data from past seasons, and runs tens of thousands of simulations based on the Monte Carlo method. From those simulations, the most probable outcome of a game is determined.

It’s not just a machine process. Prediction Machine’s algorithms are written by humans who are constantly tweaking their formulas to be as accurate as possible.

The simulation system doesn’t take very long to run, either. A full slate of games can be completed in a few minutes. This comes in handy when an injury pops up. The updated betting recommendation is posted to the site shortly after a significant line move occurs.

What Other Services does Prediction Machine Offer?

Bet Recommendation

This option helps users determine how much they should bet on a game. Prediction Machine takes into account the betting odds and the projected final score, and gives you a recommended value to bet on a game. This recommendation is also based on the average bet you have saved in your preferences, and your risk level. Prediction Machine uses the Kelly criterion, a popular formula in the investment world used to maximize wealth growth over time, to aid its players earn profit.

Best Bets

The Best Bets feature is perfect for those who are busy, and can't find the time to do research themselves. Prediction Machine gives you the best bets of the day, including game details, recommended play, odds and play amount. It is an excellent tool to have when you’re running late to make your sports betting picks for the day.

Projected Box Score

This service sets Prediction Machine apart from the rest of the competition. The projected box scores give customers a preview of how a given game will play out. The projections include team stats and player stats too. This is an added bonus for prop bettors. Maybe you like the Green Bay Packers to pass for more than 350 yards with Aaron Rodgers under center, but Prediction Machine’s box score forecast shows a strong Minnesota Vikings defense holding the Pack to just 280 yards in the air. This tool will reinforce your lean and help you avoid making poor plays over the course of the year.

What Sports Are Available?

Of course, a site called Prediction Machine is going to focus on the NFL. You can also find NCAA football as well, along with Major League Baseball. NBA, NHL and college basketball are covered here too.

Free Trial Details

There are three options for your free trial. There is a full access two-day pass available for $9.95, a five-day free trial if you’re considering a 30-day pass, and, finally, there is a 10-day free trial for those looking into a full-year subscription.


Just like there are different types of bettors, there are different types of subscriptions for Prediction Machine customers. Subscriptions for five, 30 and 365 days are all available for Prediction Machine customers, and those who sign up for the 365-day package save about $180 on the year compared to folks renewing every month.

Prediction Machine looks to win you money at the sportsbooks, and save you money here. You don’t have to worry about paying multiple times. Each subscription is a one-time payment.

Sign-up Details

Signing up for your free trial is the first step. You can select the free trial for whichever package you are interested in. Then, you enter your name, which has to be the same as the one on the credit card that you are using, along with the card number, expiry date and CVV number for security purposes.

Next, you get into the customization aspect of Prediction Machine. The setup asks you to choose which sportsbook you prefer to use and what odds you prefer – American, decimal or fractional. You can choose your risk level when it comes to your bets (high, low or medium), and your average bet size.

Once you have saved all your preferences, you can find everything on your account page. All of this information can be changed whenever you want, along with your email address, your password, your subscription package and payment information. It will even tell you when your next payment is going to be made, so there are no surprises. Now, you are all set to take advantage of the features that Prediction Machine offers you.

Prediction Machine FAQ

Does Prediction Machine Offer Free Picks?

Yes. There are weekly free picks from Prediction Machine. For NFL players, those come out on Tuesday afternoon. Prediction Machine also offers free picks for college football, NBA, NHL, MLB and college hoops.

Is My Personal Information Safe at Prediction Machine?

Prediction Machine uses Stripe, one of the most secure third-party e-commerce platforms, to process payments and keep their players’ information safe. Stripe is one of the top payment-processing companies in the world and is used by entities such as Target, Blue Apron and Adidas, among many others.

Should I Use Prediction Machine’s services?

Square, sharp, newbie or wiseguy – whatever bettor you are, Prediction Machine can help. The best bets tool informs new bettors exactly each day which game they should bet and how much to wager. Experienced bettors will love the projected box scores to take advantage of any soft prop bets at their sportsbook.

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