Check out the individual Euro 2020 Player Award odds.

Euro 2020 Player Award Odds: Kjaer, Kane Compelling Choices

Euro 2020 has moved on quickly to the final four. Several players have thrown their hat in the ring for UEFA’s Best Player of the Tournament award as well as the Best Young Player of the Tournament. Here is a look at the Euro 2020 player awards odds along with a detailed analysis of the contenders and their chances.

According to Sportsbook’s Euro 2020 best player award odds, Raheem Sterling (+350) is leading the oddsboard followed by Denmark’s Simon Kjaer (+800), England’s Harry Kane (+900) and Italy’s Lorenzo Insigne (+900).

Note: All odds and analysis in this article are as of the end of the quarterfinals and ahead of the semifinal round.

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Odds to Win UEFA Best Player of the Tournament

Odds to win Euro 2020 Best Player
Player Odds
Raheem Sterling +350
Simon Kjaer +800
Harry Kane +900
Lorenzo Insigne +900
Jorginho +1400
Sergio Busquets +1600
Nicolo Barella +1800
Harry Maguire +2000
Ciro Immobile +2500
Jack Grealish +2500
Leonardo Bonucci +2500
Federico Chiesa +3300
Marco Verratti +3300
Patrik Schick +3300
Kalvin Philips +4000
Alvaro Morata +5000
Giorgio Chiellini +5000
John Stones +5000
Declan Rice +6600
Manuel Locatelli +6600
Mason Mount +6600

Odds as of July 6 at Sportsbook

Favorites to Win Player of Euro 2020

As the tournament draws nearer to its conclusion, there are some capable contenders starting to separate themselves from the rest. Here are the top favorites to win Player of the Tournament for Euro 2020.

Raheem Sterling (+350)

Currently, Sterling is leading the Euro 2020 player award odds after scoring three goals. More importantly, it is the impact of those goals that have pushed him to the top of the oddsboard. He was England’s only goalscorer in the group stage of the tournament. He then opened the scoring for England in the Round of 16 against Germany. Those three goals have put England in this position, which has rightly beckoned the shortening of his odds.

Simon Kjaer (+800)

Kjaer has been Denmark’s leader right through the tournament. Since Odds Shark’s previous update, his odds have shortened from +2000 to +800 presently. After his colleague Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch, Kjaer initiated medical aid even before the medics arrived at the scene before consoling Eriksen’s partner. He has now led Denmark into the semifinal after two losses to start the tournament. That stunning turnaround can only be catalyzed by an incredible leader off the pitch.

He is certainly worth your consideration. If the Danes somehow pull off the improbable and beat England, then Kjaer will jump to the top of the oddsboard for this market.

“We had a goal heading into this tournament, and that was that we wanted to go back to Wembley. I’d be lying if I said that we’re just OK with the semifinal,” Kjaer said. “We need to recover, and then we have another match in four days. Luckily it’s a part of the game that I enjoy; standing there heading balls away. We had to work as hard as nails.”

Value Picks for Best Player

The high odds for this market certainly throw up some interesting options to provide value to your betting slip.

Harry Kane (+900)

Kane has found some late form after a slow start to the tournament. If England make the final, he will have an additional match to create impact. He has taken 10 shots at Euro 2020, with five on target and four off target. He scored against Germany and Ukraine, taking his tournament tally to three goals so far. He is one of the best strikers at this competition, with incredible skill and composure.

He poses an incredible threat, both on the ground as well as in the air. The likelihood is that his Euro 2020 player award odds will reduce following the upcoming semifinal against Denmark.

“It’s going to be incredible. What a moment for us as a team, as a nation – a lot of us playing now won’t get the opportunity to have a big game like that at a major tournament again,” Kane said about the upcoming semifinal at Wembley. “It is there for us, it is an opportunity for us and we have to grab it with both hands.”

Lorenzo Insigne (+900)

Insigne scored a sensational curling goal to beat Thibaut Courtois in the previous match against Belgium that put Italy ahead 2-0. He was named the Star of the Match for his brilliance in that crucial quarterfinal.

That performance was not unique in this tournament for Insigne. He has put in several match-winning performances already, including two goals scored.

“I think every single player in the team played an incredible game tonight,” Insigne said after the performance against Belgium. “I always try that shot, in games and in training. I’m happy it went in. It was a great goal but I repeat, we won all together tonight.”

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Left-Field Picks for Best Player of the Tournament

There are still a few considerations to be made for an unusual choice for this Euro 2020 player award, particularly with such high odds across the board.

Sergio Busquets (+1600)

Busquets was forced to miss the early part of the tournament after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Upon his return, he has played an impactful role in the team’s success.

This is more of a strategic choice. If Spain win the tournament, only then will the likelihood rise for Busquets to win this Euro 2020 player awards betting market. From Spain’s players, apart from Alvaro Morata, Busquets will probably have a fair chance but that seems rather unlikely at this point in time.

Harry Maguire (+2000)

Maguire is an interesting selection because he missed the early part of the tournament through injury but has delivered some impactful performances since his inclusion.

He was named the Star of the Match against Germany and then even scored against Ukraine in the quarterfinal. Importantly, he has helped England continue their terrific defensive record at Euro 2020.

“It starts from the front and finishes with us, keeping clean sheets is nice but the main thing is winning football matches. It is a magnificent moment for myself, the team, the fans, everyone involved in the country,” Maguire said after the win against Germany.

Jorginho (+1400)

This is another unlikely result because even if the Italians win this tournament, Insigne will have the higher chance of taking away this Euro 2020 Player of the Tournament award.

Still, Jorginho has done a commendable job as Italy’s holding midfielder. He has drawn 13 unsuccessful tackles, second most at Euro 2020, which is a fair indicator of his speed and dribbling technique, albeit in a defensive capacity.

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Betting Strategy for Player of the Tournament

The general rules of thumb for this Euro 2020 player award betting market have not changed. If a player has an impact on a team winning the tournament, his odds of winning this award increase drastically. That is not a restriction but it is quite often followed unless another player has a miraculous tournament.

There are contenders for both categories. Firstly, I really like the odds for Simon Kjaer. He may not have done enough to help Denmark reach the final or the tournament but this has been a stunning turnaround from the team. That level of spirit and commitment it takes has been commendable, laudable, impressive, whichever adjective you would like to use. If I’m divvying up my investment into two or three sections, one part would certainly go with Kjaer.

Secondly, I would hedge my bet by backing Harry Kane to have a pivotal role in England potentially winning this tournament. His Euro 2020 player award odds are even higher than Kjaer’s, which makes him an extremely compelling bet. He would receive about half of my total investment at this stage.

This is not exactly a mathematical or data-driven betting market but one that you will have to back with your instinct. Even though Raheem Sterling has scored three vital goals, the proximity to goal in those finishes was not necessarily flashy. As a result, I would stay away from betting on Sterling at this point.

To make it simple for you, here’s my strategy: half of my investment would go to Kane and the other half on Kjaer. I would further refrain from betting on any other contender to optimize profits and limit damage in case I don’t get either of my choices correct.

Sportsbook also has odds for the Best Young Player of the Tournament. We break down those as well.

Odds to Win Best Young Player of the Tournament

Odds to win best young player of the tournament
Player Odds
Gianluigi Donnarumma +200
Pedri +400
Ferran Torres +600
Declan Rice +1000
Mikkel Damsgaard +1200
Bukayo Saka +1400
Mason Mount +1400
Federico Chiesa +2000
Jadon Sancho +2000
Phil Foden +2500
Dani Olmo +3300

Odds as of July 6 at Sportsbook

Favorites for Best Young Player of the Tournament

The list has shortened drastically since Odds Shark’s previous update with some major changes. Here is a quick look at some of your options.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (+200)

Donnarumma has not looked like a candidate for a young player. That is a major compliment to his style and rate of success in front of goal at this tournament. Case in point was his outstanding contributions to helping Italy advance into the semifinal of this tournament.

“We won as a team, this is an extraordinary group,” Donnarumma said after the win against Belgium. “I still have to watch that save from De Bruyne back but we are here just to give our best and give Italians joy. At the final whistle, it was an immense joy. We suffered together to achieve this and I look forward to going to the locker room to celebrate with my teammates.”

He made a match-defining save off Kevin De Bruyne in that match, which earned the praise of his colleagues and would give you further insight into his impressive candidacy for this Euro 2020 Young Player of the Tournament betting market.

“It’s happened so many times. I see those shots from behind and I think that nobody can reach them,” Marco Verratti said of that save. “All of a sudden, his hand arrives. He is incredible, he really is an added value for the team.”

Pedri (+400)

Pedri has played all five matches for Spain so far. He has forced 11 unsuccessful tackles by opponents, third most at Euro 2020. He has been a force on the offensive end as well as transitioning back to help out defensively.

Even though he has shown enough promise, it might be an onerous task to beat Donnarumma to the award. Besides, the Spaniards have a tough fixture against Italy. If they do not clear that hurdle, it is highly unlikely Pedri will receive this award.

Ferran Torres (+600)

Interestingly, either Torres and Pedri or Donnarumma will certainly make the final of Euro 2020. This should be indicative that the Young Player of the Tournament should be restricted to these three players. Now, your strategy will come down to which team you think will actually have an impact in that final. More on that later.

Torres has done exceedingly well at this tournament with the limited chances he has been given. He has scored two goals so far, including one after being brought on as a substitute against Slovakia earlier in the competition.

The Outside Contenders

Declan Rice (+1200)

Rice has been a crucial cog in the defensive wheel of England. He has played his role of holding midfielder beautifully, with plenty of aggression and spirit. He has undoubtedly helped England in their stunning run of five straight clean sheets at this tournament so far.

If the English win this tournament, which is the most likely outcome of all teams, then Rice could certainly have a chance considering his consistency in the middle third of the pitch at this competition. He has completed 215 passes out of a total attempted 234 at an accuracy rate of 91.6 percent. These are not terrible stats and could certainly be an interesting choice should England finally win a major international tournament.

Mikkel Damsgaard (+1200)

Denmark are certainly proving to be a team that can be relied upon to challenge the favorites in this competition, including in this betting market at Euro 2020 player award odds of +1200. At 20 years and 353 days, Mikkel Damsgaard became Denmark’s youngest goalscorer ever at a major tournament when he scored in a 4-1 win against Russia. In total, he has taken seven attempts on goal at Euro 2020. Three of those have been on target and two off target. If the Danes beat England, he will certainly have a high chance of taking away this award from an English player as well.

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Betting Strategy for Best Young Player of the Tournament

There doesn’t seem to be too many plausible options at this stage, other than the top of the Euro 2020 player award odds for this market. Donnarumma has had a tournament that is too compelling to ignore.

Italy did not concede in that second half, primarily due to his defensive compactness. It does not always come down to saves but also to other factors that lead to progress or a clean sheet. He has made just six saves at Euro 2020, ranking joint 21st in the tournament in that metric, alongside Unai Simon, who has been a major reason for his team’s progress into the semifinal as well. That is as good an indicator as any that these markets often come down to one or two key moments.

To make this simple, I would not divide my investment for this market. Instead, I would go all-in on Donnarumma, even though he is a favorite. That is because even if the Italians fail to qualify for the final, he will still be an influential reason for his team progressing that far.

We will return later this week to update you with Euro 2020 player award odds ahead of the grand final in London. Till then, enjoy the semifinals of Euro 2020 with some shrewd betting choices.