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The Euros are down to the final eight teams as the quarters are set to crack off Thursday and if you feel like you know the two teams who will grace the final, there are odds for that.

The combinations of Belgium and France and Belgium and Germany lead the way at online shop [custom:bodog-link] at +400. The outcome of a Belgium and France final was previously +700 but the most significant movement was seen in the odds of a Belgium and Germany final which was at +900 at the time of our last update.

Any wager with Belgium in one half of the finals is a smart one. They have been by far the best team in their bracket and they will only have get through Wales and Portugal or Poland to advance to the finals.

My favorite value bet of a Germany/Wales final has not changed but the odds certainly have. If you scroll down you will see as of June 23 the odds for that combo were +3300, they are now +1400. Wales toughest game comes Friday against Belgium and if they manage to get by the number one ranked team in the world, they will face either Poland or Portugal in the semis – If you’ve read any of my other work on the Euros, I really don’t like either of those teams to make it much further.

The dark horse story has been in full affect with Iceland’s latest stunner over England and if you like that trend to continue, you could take advantage of the +10000 value being offered for Wales and Iceland to both make the final. Are the odds long? Yes. Do I recommend the bet? Absolutely not.

Here's a list of the rest of the odds offered at [custom:bodog-link]:

Odds For Teams to Match up in Finals of Euro 2016
Matchup Combination  Odds
Belgium/France +400
Belgium/Germany +400
France/Portugal +600
Germany/Portugal +600
France/Poland +900
Germany/Poland +900
Belgium/Italy +1000
France/Wales +1400
Germany/Wales +1400
Italy/Portugal +1400
Italy/Poland +2200
Italy/Wales +3300
Belgium/Iceland +4000
Iceland/Portugal +6600
Wales/Iceland +10000

Odds as of June 29 at [custom:bodog-link]

Archived Article

The round of 16 has been set for the 2016 Euros and odds have been released for the most likely combinations of teams to make the tournament's final.

Belgium and France is the most likely finals matchup according to online shop [custom:bodog-link] who have pegged that combination at +700. Belgium came into the tournament as the number one team in the world but was dominated by Italy in the group stage. They did get the most favorable draw in the tournament, however, and have the easiest path to final.

There is plenty of value available on this prop as the left side of the bracket is a virtual toss-up. The most likely teams to make it out of that side will be Belgium or Croatia but teams like Wales, Portugal and Poland are all great value picks to make up one half of the Euro 2016 final.

The right side of the bracket is very bluntly put, tough. France, Italy, Germany, Spain and England will all be in contention for the other spot in the Euro final. Either Italy or Spain will be eliminated in the first round as the two juggernauts drew a first-round matchup. This unlucky draw seriously reduces either of their chances to reach the final.

England, France and Germany will have just slightly easier paths to the final as they have all drawn pretty favorable matchups in the round of 16. That being said, England has a serious chance of losing to an Icelandic team that has been one of the best stories of these Euros.

Any bet with France is probably a good one, as the Euro hosts will have a significant advantage through the remainder of their games. There is some value in picking France on one side of the final and picking a dark horse team like Wales or Poland on the other.

The best value on this prop is most likely found in the 30/1 to 50/1 range with finals combinations such as Croatia/Italy (+3300), Poland/Italy (+5000), Germany/Poland (+3300), Germany/Wales (+3300), Germany/Portugal (+3300), Germany/Switzerland (+4000) – basically anything with Germany.

The longest odds listed on [custom:bodog-link] is the +15000 line given to the possible Iceland/Portugal finals matchup. Leicester City won the Premier League at 5000/1, so crazier things have happened.

Here's the complete list of odds:

Odds For Teams to Match up in Finals of Euro 2016
Matchup Combination  Odds
Belgium/France +700
Belgium/Germany +900
Belgium/Spain +1000
Croatia/France +1100
Belgium/England +1200
Croatia/Germany +1400
France/Portugal +1400
Croatia/Spain +1600
Croatia/England +2000
Portugal/Spain +2000
England/Portugal +2800
Croatia/Italy +3300
France/Switzerland +3300
France/Wales +3300
Germany/Poland +3300
Germany/Portugal +3300
Germany/Wales +3300
Poland/Spain +3300
Spain/Wales +3300
England/Poland +4000
England/Wales +4000
Germany/Switzerland +4000
Italy/Portugal +4000
Spain/Switzerland +4000
England/Switzerland +5000
Italy/Poland +5000
France/Hungary +6600
France/Northern Ireland +6600
Germany/Hungary +6600
Germany/Turkey +6600
Italy/Wales +6600
Belgium/Iceland +8000
Italy/Switzerland +8000
Iceland/Portugal +15000

Odds as of June 23 at [custom:bodog-link]