Soccer: Where to Bet on World Cup 2014

Like the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby, World Cup 2014 is one of those must-bet events where even the casual sports fan wants to have a little action on the games.

And like the NFL’s title game and America’s most famous horse race, sportsbooks and racebooks make sure there are plenty of wagering options, plenty of great bonuses and plenty of intriguing odds to consider.

Depending on where you reside (and what the rules are in your country, province or state), different companies may be the best place for World Cup 2014 betting.

The action kicks off Thursday with the Brazil vs Croatia matchup but there are literally hundreds of ways to bet the World Cup, ranging from odds to win (Brazil is a 3-1 favorite) to odds on who will be the top scorer (Lionel Messi of Argentina is favored at 7-1).

North America – Sportsbook

Long regarded as the premier spot to wager on sports and play online poker, Sportsbook offers so many tempting World Cup betting options that you really need to stay focused.

With a 50% first-deposit bonus up to $250, it has been a popular destination for new players looking for some extra cash when they sign up. Add the best customer service record in the industry and many agree it is one of the best places to bet the World Cup (and anything else).

Sportsbook – Sportsbook

Kings of the online bonus, Sportsbook offers new World Cup bettors whopping specials that can total nearly $1,000 in free cash! There are conditions of course and it takes some time to accumulate all that bonus action.

They also offer odds on every game, cool futures and prop bets and plenty of research material and stats to help bettors make informed choices.

Canada – Sportsbook

One of the most trusted names in gaming, Sportsbook continues its record of excellence and creativity with literally hundreds of fun World Cup prop bets.

Bet the game live for even more wagering excitement and pocket a generous 100% bonus up to $100 when you sign up to bet the World Cup. Trust, experience and very generous underdog lines when you are looking for some long shots. – Sportsbook

Offering a 50% bonus to a total of $520, Sportsbook offers a huge menu of World Cup bets and has been a reliable and trusted source for more than 15 years.

With its classic navigation style Sportsbook is not only easy to use but also a top shop for sharp World Cup odds plus a huge lineup of soccer props and special wagers.

Europe, Rest of the World – Sportsbook

If you live outside North America, there is no better place to bet on the World Cup than Sportsbook. It is a true giant in the industry and boasts a sterling reputation for fairness, payouts and integrity.

When you include the facts that they offer aggressive first-time bonus specials and that they offer by far the biggest array of World Cup bet types, there is no question why so many sports bettors flock to Sportsbook and stay there. – Sportsbook

A newer entry to the market in the past three or four years is nonetheless one of the very best in terms of treating customers fairly.

Boasting all the World Cup bet types that are expected of the new player and armed with fair and attractive bonus offers, Sportsbook is a great place to check out as fans try to decide where they will bet the World Cup in 2014.