World Cup Group Stage E Preview

The Netherlands have a stacked squad and will be tough to beat with their offense, but even though the Group they are in is not the strongest one it is not the weakest one either.

The Dutch (-175) are the favorite to win Group E and they looked great in qualifying and had an easy time getting to South Africa going undefeated in group play.

They have one of the best offenses in tournament with the strikers of Robin van Persie of Arsenal and Arjen Robben of Bayern Munich and one of the best offensive midfielders in the world in Wesley Sneijder of Inter Milan. While the offense is solid there are concerns on defense and if they can play good defense their offense will be able to carry the Dutch far.

Cameroon (+450) has the FIFA’s highest ranked team from Africa and they will be playing on their own continent so they will have a little home field advantage. They did not qualify easily, but won their last four matches to make it to the World Cup.

Cameroon has a solid attack, but their midfield is where they shine. Samuel Eto’o of Inter and Stephane M'bia of Marseille will lead the offense and their defense is anchored by, perhaps, the best goalie in Africa in Idriss Carlos Kameni of Espanyol. Their main weakness is that they may not stack up well against elite teams, such as the Netherlands, and they are not a young squad to say the least.

Denmark (+375) finished a surprising first in their qualifying groups ahead of such teams as Portugal and Sweden. The strength of the Danish team is their midfield, who will have many chances to get the ball deep in their opponents’ area.

The Danes have a good defense and have a great goalie in Thomas Sorensen of Stoke City. Even though they have striker Nicklas Bendtner of Arsenal they are a little thin up front. Bendtner is injured often and he will need to be healthy this summer or the Danes may have trouble scoring.

Japan (+1000) is the long shot to win the group even though they are the highest ranked team from Asia. They qualified for the World Cup with a couple matches to spare even though they could not beat Australia in two matches, which is a concern since even though the Aussies are in the tournament they are not an elite squad by far.

They have a strong midfield led by Hidetoshi Nakata or Shinji Ono, but their offense lacks a lot of punch and will need Shunsuke Nakamura of Espanyol and Shinji Okazaki of Shimizu S-Pulse to give them some goals.

The Netherlands should win all of their matches, so the race may be for second. Since Japan is, by far, the weakest team in the group the big match may be Cameroon vs. Denmark, as it is likely the Sportsbook will came in second in Group E and progress to the playoffs.

Here are the odds to win the Group Stage E at Sportsbook as of May 10th.

Netherlands -175
Denmark +375
Cameroon +450
Japan +1000

Here are some other props for Group E at Sportsbook.

Team to Place 2nd in Group E

Cameroon +200
Denmark +200
Holland +300
Japan +450

Team to Place 3rd in Group E

Japan +188
Cameroon +220
Denmark +220
Holland +750

Team to Place 4th in Group E

Japan EVEN
Denmark +275
Cameroon +280
Holland +1400

Group E Exacta

Wager is on which teams will place 1st and 2nd in the group.

1.Holland 2.Cameroon 14/5
1.Holland 2.Denmark 14/5
1.Holland 2.Japan 6/1
1.Cameroon 2.Holland 7/1
1.Denmark 2.Holland 7/1
1.Cameroon 2.Denmark 20/1
1.Denmark 2.Cameroon 20/1
1.Japan 2.Holland 20/1
1.Cameroon 2.Japan 33/1
1.Denmark 2.Japan 33/1
1.Japan 2.Cameroon 50/1
1.Japan 2.Denmark 50/1

Holland Group Stage Total Points

Over/Under 6


Cameroon Group Stage Total Points

Over/Under 3


Denmark Group Stage Total Points

Over/Under 3


Japan Group Stage Total Points

Over/Under 2