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Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks

Pro-Line vs Online Sportsbooks breakdown

Many Canadian bettors believe that the only legal way to bet on sports in the country is through Pro-Line. This is far from the truth; there are numerous legal online betting sites that are available to Canadian citizens like Bovada sportsbook and Bet365 . What many don’t realize is that there are superior sports betting products in the market that bettors don’t even realize exist – that’s what we’re here for.

Below, we will explain Pro-Line, and compare it to our top Canadian sportsbooks, and ultimately show you why you’re wasting your money when you bet with Pro-Line.

Pro-Line & Pro-Line Stadium

Since its inception in October 1992, Pro-Line has been offered in OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) kiosks, along with ALC (Atlantic Lottery Corporation) kiosks under the name Pro-Line Stadium. Surprisingly, Pro-Line is still popular, even after newer and more advanced online betting sites have been conceived over the past several years. 

With Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium, you can select two to eight games on your parlay ticket. They offer three betting types: moneyline, totals and point spread. You can combine any of these betting types into your parlay, but you cannot wager on the same game in two different betting formats. Pro-Line also offers prop bets for most sports, but these are usually pitting two players against each other for bettors to determine who will score more points. 

Pro-Line Odds vs The Competition

Pro-Line prides itself on parlay betting, and they can’t even do that right. Their parlays aren’t true parlay bets that are known around the world. Pro-Line uses fixed odds, while offshore books with better odds will elevate your payouts based on the number of legs in your parlay ticket. Their parlays increase the juice, which tilts the advantage more in favor of Pro-Line and their gaming corporations. 

Betting on the tie? Any other sportsbook has a legitimate tie option when placing your bet. In Pro-Line, your selected football team must win by four points, in basketball by six points, and in baseball by two runs – or it is considered a tie.

Below, we will show you an example of two bet slips: one from Pro-Line and one from Bet365. We selected a three college basketball game parlay bet on both sportsbooks on the same day, and the result shows that the odds are significantly better with Bet365. With a $2 wager, you would only profit $41.90, as Pro-Line includes the initial risk in the payout. If you look at Bet365’s slip, the odds are 30.72 for each $1 wagered, which is significantly higher than the Pro-Line slip. 

Disadvantages & Restrictions

The main restriction to Canadian bettors with Pro-Line is that they don’t allow single-game bets. This can be a monumental drawback for bettors, especially if they do not see value in more than one game on any given day. Forcing bettors into parlays lowers their odds and increases the juice in Pro-Line’s favor and further distances bettors from a chance of winning. Their betting options in general are severely lacking in comparison to Bodog and Bet365 offering countless betting options and the increasingly popular live betting product. 

Looking to bet on UFC? Not at Pro-Line. They have yet to jump on the increasingly growing UFC betting bandwagon. Considering the popularity and big Canadian names in the UFC, this is startling to some. They do not offer any odds, live betting or prop options for the fights. UFC is becoming one of the more popular markets in the industry and not offering product is a major red flag. 

While most sportsbooks offer great sign-up bonuses and offers for their customers, Pro-Line does not. Bonuses are very common in most sportsbooks and online casinos to entice and keep their players happy. Bodog and Bet365 both offer a hefty $200 sign-up bonus to their customers once they place their first bet. 

The choice is yours

Our advice to Canadian sports bettors would be to take their hard-earned Canadian dollars and open an account with one of the reputable sportsbooks like Bovada or Bet365 . We’ve already proven that you’ll make more money in the long haul with Bet365. Don’t restrict yourself to parlay bets and explore the various options that are available to you.