Super Bowl Tickets

The 2016 Super Bowl will take place at Levi's Stadium, home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. It is sure to be one of the hottest tickets of the year, but how do fans go about getting seats for the biggest NFL game of the year? There are a few different options for buying them, although they are not cheap unless you happen to know somebody already going to the game who offers you Super Bowl tickets.

The easiest way to get Super Bowl tickets is to shop around for them online. Many different online ticket brokers like StubHub offer fans the ability to choose their seats by location and ticket price. Of course for Super Bowl tickets, the prices will be much higher, so you may be limited depending on your budget and what you are willing to spend. The first thing you should do after determining your budget is figure out where you can afford to sit and then narrow down your ticket options accordingly.

For the 2016 Super Bowl in Santa Clara, there are four main areas to consider for tickets: the 100 level, the 200 level, the 300 level and the 400 level. The 400 is often referred to as the upper deck since it is the highest area of seating in the stadium. Seats in the 400 level can likely be purchased for a few thousand dollars apiece, with the price increasing the closer you get to the 50-yard line. These “cheap seats” are still obviously not very inexpensive by normal standards, but these are Super Bowl tickets, and you probably will not find anything better for the money.

The next two levels of seating for Super Bowl tickets are more expensive because they are much closer to the field. The 300 level is a mid-range option with each ticket costing $3,000 to $5,000 each. However, the premier seating for 2015 Super Bowl tickets is located on the 100 level. Tickets in this section could cost $6,000 or more. But if you are saving up money to go to the Super Bowl and planning on making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you might as well get the best available.

After you choose the section that is right for you, you can now visit different ticket broker websites and try to get the best deal possible. Some online ticket brokers are better than others, which is why you should always do your research and look for reviews from past customers who recommended the service before buying tickets there. You can also find out if they are members of the Better Business Bureau and see if they have a rating there.

The NFL even has its own service now called the NFL Ticket Exchange verified through Ticketmaster, where season ticket holders can re-sell their tickets directly to other fans. The NFL Ticket Exchange is currently offering a 2016 Super Bowl Ticket Package starting at $4,289 that includes a ticket in 400 Level Corner Seating, a $50 merchandise coupon, game program voucher, pregame hospitality experience and more. This all-inclusive package might be the best ticket deal around for fans looking to enjoy their first Super Bowl and buy from a trusted business.

With a capacity of more than 75,000 including standing room only, Levi's Stadium is a venue that is very unique and fan-friendly for the 2016 Super Bowl. The $1.2 billion stadium features a bridge made of solar panels that help make the structure energy neutral, two 48 foot high LED screens complete with robust 4G and wi-fi accessible from everywhere in the complex.

When you consider how much money the 49ers put into building this structure and the magnitude of the event you could be watching unfold before your very eyes, the price of Super Bowl tickets there does not seem too overwhelming. In fact, if you do not have enough money to go to the Super Bowl and make it a worthwhile time, you would be better served watching the game on television. Keep in mind, Super Bowl tickets are just one part of the equation, as you still need to pay for food, airfare if you do not live close enough to California to drive, a hotel room for your stay in the Santa Clara area or the suburbs and possibly a rental car or other transportation to and from the game.

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