Kimbo-Dada fight sees "shady" odds moves

Something smells fishy about tonight’s Bellator 149 fight between Kimbo Slice and Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris. 

Yesterday Sportsbook had Slice pegged as a -450 favorite and by this morning action had smashed it down all the way to -175. 

“It’s a shady mess of a fight,” says Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager at Sportsbook. 

Other books reported similar moves and several others took the fight off the board. Reputed MMA oddsmaker Joey Oddessa said on Twitter that he yanked the fight last night at the first sign of trouble.

This was always a bit of a strange fight from the beginning. The two fighters, originally from the same neighborhood, haven’t stopped trash talking each other since this fight was announced. And Harris hasn’t fought since 2011.

Slice is just making his second comeback fight after a strange contest against 52-year-old Ken Shamrock that received many allegations that it was fixed. Weirdly, the fight received its highest promotional viewer ratings ever.   

So I’m not sure what to tell you about tonight’s event. Avoid it or plug your nose and follow the fishy odour. Be warned: more books appear to be pulling this fight off the board as the day goes on.