UFC 131 Betting Results

There weren't many surprises at UFC 131 over the weekend, as the favorites came out on top in every bout on the main card.

The main event at UFC 131 was a Heavyweight bout between Junior dos Santos and Shane Carwin, with the Sportsbook expected to get a title shot against Cain Velasquez. Dos Santos was a -165 favorite at Sportsbook and he didn't disappoint bettors who backed him after beating Carwin into a bloody pulp to win by unanimous decision. The most amazing thing about the fight was that Carwin was able to last all three rounds after the beating dos Santos put on him.

Before dos Santos mopped the floor with Carwin in the main event Kenny Florian made his debut at Featherweight against Diego Nunes. Florian may have earned himself a future title shot down the line as well after controlling the fight from start to finish in an unanimous decision victory over Nunes. Florian was a -275 favorite at Sportsbook.

Unanimous decisions were also handed out in two other main card fights. In the Middleweight battle between Mark Munoz and Demian Maia the two brawlers traded a number of vicious blows throughout the fight, but Munoz was the Sportsbook on the scorecard and paid bettors as a -115 favorite. In the Lightweight bout between Donald Cerrone and Vagner Rocha Cerrone was as heavy -500 favorite and lived up to the hype in a one-sided fight. Cerrone brushed aside numerous takedown attempts by Rocha while pounding him with leg kicks to come away with the easy victory.

The only fight on the UFC 131 main card that did not go the distance was the Heavyweight showdown between Dave Herman and Jon Olav Einemo. Both fighters traded big blows in the Sportsbook round of the fight, but in the second round Herman finished it after connecting a knee to Einemo's chin followed by a left hook that sent him to the canvas. After some fast ground and pound the ref stopped the fight and Herman was awarded the win by TKO. Herman paid as a -200 favorite at Sportsbook.