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An event the magnitude of UFC 198 can’t be limited to simple moneyline bets. Tons of props have been released for the UFC’s biggest event in Brazil. Here we take a look at the method of victory props and which ones could be worth a look.

Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic

Fabricio Werdum winning this bout within the 25 minutes is a +115 favorite according to Bet365. ‘Vai Cavalo’ has won 16 of his 20 career victories via stoppage, specifically 10 via submission. The ground is where Werdum has the large advantage in this fight.

Not far behind Werdum ending the fight prematurely comes Stipe Miocic doing the same thing. Miocic has recorded 10 of his 14 career victories via T/KO thanks to his amazing boxing skills and athleticism.

Either fighter winning a decision is listed at +400, but maybe worth considering. Werdum – along with Cain Velasquez – has the best cardio in the heavyweight division and we have seen him get better as a fight goes along. Stipe looked gassed in his five round fight with Junior Dos Santos, but still managed to survive.

UFC 198: Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic Method of Victory
  • Fabricio Werdum winning via stoppage (including DQ) +115
  • Fabricio Werdum winning via decision +400
  • Stipe Miocic winning via stoppage (including DQ) +260
  • Stipe Miocic winning via decision +400
  • Draw +6600
Odds as of May 12 at Bet365

Jacare Souza vs Vitor Belfort

Jacare Souza ending this fight before the final bell is an odds-on favorite in this bout. Jacare is the best submission fighter in the middleweight division – and likely one of the top three in the UFC – with 72 percent of his victories coming via sub.

However, Belfort winning via T/KO should not be overlooked. Belfort hits harder than most trucks and can render any opponent unconscious within a split second. Though Vitor’s punching power in undeniable, Jacare has not recorded a loss via T/KO since 2008.

This fight going the distance isn’t overly likely – the odds support this notion – especially considering Belfort’s questionable gas tank.

UFC 198: Jacare Souza vs Vitor Belfort Method of Victory
  • Jacare Souza winning via stoppage (including DQ) -200
  • Jacare winning via decision +550
  • Vitor Belfort winning via stoppage (including DQ) +333
  • Vitor Belfort winning via decision +1000
  • Draw +6600
Odds as of May 12 at Bet365

Cris ‘Cyborg’ vs Leslie Smith

Pretty much everybody knows how this fight is going to end – as much as you can know in MMA. Cyborg is a monster who has won 13 of her 15 professional fights via T/KO. Cyborg has won three of her past four bouts via TKO within the first round.

Leslie Smith is a tough, volume striker, but has not shown a lot of knockout power and no real ground game. If Smith can avoid getting hit – much easier said than done – than maybe she can win a decision, but Cyborg has not lost since her first pro fight.

UFC 198: Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino vs Leslie Smith Method of Victory
  • Cyborg winning via stoppage (including DQ) -1200
  • Cyborg winning via decision +1200
  • Leslie Smith winning via stoppage (including DQ) +1100
  • Leslie Smith winning via decision +1600
  • Draw +6600
Odds as of May 12 at Bet365

Shogun Rua vs Corey Anderson

If there is one fight on this main card that could go either way it is likely Shogun vs Corey Anderson. ‘Beastin’ 25/8’ winning via decision is the odds-on favorite ending to this fight according to Bet365. Anderson is a grinder who excels when he can suffocate his opponent and Shogun is not exactly an easy man to finish.

UFC 198: Shogun Rua vs Corey Anderson Method of Victory
  • Shogun winning via stoppage (including DQ) +300
  • Shogun winning via decision +600
  • Corey Anderson winning via stoppage (including DQ) +333
  • Corey Anderson winning via decision -105
  • Draw +6600
Odds as of May 12 at Bet365

Matt Brown vs Demian Maia

Remember when I said Jacare is one of the best submission artists in MMA today – well Demian Maia is the best. Maia is potentially the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter in MMA history and has proven his ability to control fighters on the mat is unparalleled. Matt Brown is incredibly tough, but will be in over his head if this fight goes to the mat.

UFC 198: Demian Maia vs Matt Brown Method of Victory
  • Demian Maia winning via stoppage (including DQ) +110
  • Demian Maia winning via decision +200
  • Matt Brown winning via stoppage (including DQ) +400
  • Matt Brown winning via decision +650
  • Draw +6600
Odds as of May 12 at Bet365