Betting in the state of Arkansas is very restricted, limited only to horse and dog racing through parimutuel wagering, bingo, raffles and the lottery. In addition, there are two “racinos” where some casino-style games are offered along with racing at tracks in Hot Springs and West Memphis.

Best Betting Sites for Arkansas

Gaming Laws in Arkansas

Illegal gambling in Arkansas is defined as “a person betting any money or any valuable thing on any game of hazard or skill” in State Statute 5-66-101. If convicted, an individual is subject to be fined in any sum not less than $10 nor more than $25.

The Local Option Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing Electronic Games of Skill Act of 2005 made it legal to have gaming machines at racetracks, which are currently located at Oaklawn in Hot Springs and Southland in West Memphis.

The Charitable Bingo and Raffles Enabling Act in 2007 legalized those games with licensing.   

Tribal Casinos

There are no tribal casinos in the state of Arkansas.

Sports Betting in Arkansas

Sports betting is not allowed in the state of Arkansas.

Online Sportsbooks

Even though there are no sportsbooks available at physical locations or online in the state of Arkansas, bettors still have the opportunity to choose from many offshore options. Offshore sportsbooks are widely considered to be a much safer option than local bookmakers. In addition to having the convenience of placing bets right from a personal computer or mobile device and a variety of options, online bettors can trust reputable and well-reviewed offshore books to always offer lines and pay out, which may not always be the case for local bookies.

Poker and Casino in Arkansas

Poker and other casino games of any kind are not allowed in the state of Arkansas outside of “racinos” in Hot Springs and West Memphis. Hot Springs was a popular gambling destination before laws enacted in 1967 shut down casinos there for good.

Online Poker

Because poker rooms are banned in the state of Arkansas, online games may appeal to interested players who can pursue offshore poker websites in order to participate.

Other Gaming Options in Arkansas

Betting on horse racing and dog racing is permitted in the state through parimutuel wagering. In addition, charitable gambling games such as bingo and raffles are allowed in Arkansas.

Arkansas Lottery

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery was started in 2009 to provide scholarships and grants to citizens for two-year and four-year public and private colleges and universities within the state. Lottery games include scratchers and popular drawings like Powerball and Mega Millions.