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Betting at Vegas Sportsbooks for Beginners Part 2

With football season just around the corner, different sportsbooks around Las Vegas will do just about anything to get you in the door. Some release odds for Games of the Year in college football and the NFL well before they kick off in order to entice bettors to get action as soon as possible. The advantage of wagering on these games so early is that the lines can change dramatically over the course of a few months, and all bettors want every edge they can get. The sportsbooks may hold your money for the time being, but you have an excellent chance to turn a profit and maybe even get a middle opportunity.

Middle opportunities present themselves when you can cash a wager on both sides. For example, you may bet Michigan -1 versus Ohio State as a Game of the Year, and then months later the Wolverines might be favored -7 against the Buckeyes. An early bet on Michigan and later wager on Ohio State means you could win both if the margin of victory for the Wolverines is between two and six points. Teaser and super teaser cards at sportsbooks also often present bettors with the chance to win no matter what side they take because the margins end up falling between both numbers.

While this may seem complicated at first, it gets easier with more experience as long as you have a big enough bankroll to play with. Live betting or in-game wagering is fun too if you can afford to jump on different lines as soon as they are updated. You can middle games this way as well by betting on teams before their games start and then take their opponents if the right wagering opportunities arise. Maybe you think a team still has a great chance to come back and win despite an early double-digit deficit. With live betting, you can wager on a much better moneyline than you would get beforehand.

Props are yet another entertaining way to enjoy wagering on football. Betting on the player to score the first touchdown in a prime-time game or a quarterback to throw for more or less passing yards than the posted total can be an even easier way to make money if you know what you’re doing. The best sportsbooks will offer all of these wagering options, so always make sure you are getting the most value. Some will have better lines or parlay card payouts than others, which is why it pays to shop around.

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