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Ecks-Rated Tales From Vegas: Pay Attention Fellas, Look In The Mini Bar!!


Just your Standard Mini bar Right?

Went to visit a friend that was staying at a hotel on the Vegas Strip and he told me to come look inside the minibar. Saw mostly standard stuff like soda, bottled water, sports drinks, candy, chips, nuts and cookies. Even found some JERKY stuck between the Pringles and the cans of Red Bull.

When we looked at the prices, we thought we were being pranked. Water for $22 bucks, Red Bull at $12, chips cost $11, nuts $18 and jerky for $23. But that was not the priciest item. 

Making the biggest hole in your wallet would be the 'ROMANCE KIT' for $50 bones.

If you're not familiar, lemme shed some light.

Oh Boy, The Romance Kit

If any of your kids are reading, PLZ send 'em OUT of the room. I'll wait a minute. Okay, everyone gone. Cool.

We looked on the back of the Romance Kit and found a list of the items. It said there was a vibrator, condoms and a tattoo. Understand the first two items, but a tattoo? Why? What kind of tattoo? Who is gonna ink the tattoo? So many questions, so few answers. 

As you might expect, we did a deep dive and hours of research on this topic. Why? Because I realize that all of you, my millions, would expect nothing less.

What I Learned In My Research For You!

The minibar has become a booming business around the world and an outfit called Koibito Love from Japan has cornered a nice swath of the market. They're putting out cutting-edge of minibar amenities like massage oils, origami love games and silk blindfolds.

We'll let you do your own research on the origami love games because that's where Mrs. Ecks-Rated drew the red line.

We're not pushing any of their products, but if you're interested, there is the 'Enchanter' for around $35 bucks. You'll get a 100% Natural Rose & Geranium Candle with Essential Oils, Koibito Love Drops, a Teasing Feather and an Origami Love Game.

They also sell the 'Koibito Love Hangover Survival Kit' for anyone that has had a few too many. For only $15 bones, the kit has electrolyte salts that soothe that banging head with a cooling strip. A lavender essential oil with anti-vom Nux-Vom tablet, Vit B complex for an energy boost, milk thistle to help your liver get back on track and 5HTP to bring you back to a happy place.

If that doesn't cure your hangover, then you need to get PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!


Dribbling over to the NBA for Game 4 tonight and gonna roll out a sweet prop wager.

Fact: Miami wins the game when Miami wins the 1st quarter.

Check it out. On Wednesday night, the Heat and Nuggets were tied at 24-24 at the end of the 1st Q. Miami lost. In Game 2, the Heat won the 1st Q 26-23 and won the game. In the opening game, the Heat lost the 1st Q 29-20, and guess what, lost the game.

In Game 7 against the Celtics, the Heat won the 1st Q 103-84 and sent Boston to the golf course. In Game 3 against the Celtics, the Heat won the 1st Q 30-22 and won the game. You starting to see a pattern here right? Tonight, Miami is probably around plus half a point in the 1st Q, and guess what, we're BUYING!


Benjamin Eckstein is a nationally syndicated sportswriter/oddsmaker. His column, America's Line, with the Ecks & Bacon appetizer, has run in the New York Daily News and over 100 other papers since 1988. You can follow him online at He is beloved by most, when he picks winners, and detested by others, when he picks the occasional loser. If you wanna piece of Eck, hit his [email protected].