Caviar is featured in Ecks-Rated Tales From Vegas


LAS VEGAS - PLZ help me. Got a serious dilemma.

National Caviar Day

If you missed National Caviar Day, you're probably a working stiff like me. I'm guessing this Caviar Day is for the ONE PERCENT, and this guy, your guy, AIN'T in that club.


Look at any menu here on the Strip in Vegas and you'll notice that Caviar is a WEE BIT PRICEY!

When I say a bit pricey, I mean like your MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT pricey. Caviar can go as high as $2,500 a pound. What else can you get for $2,500 bucks? How about a $100 future wager on almost every NFL team!

The Golden Osetra Special Reserve top of the line Caviar is gonna set you back $425 bucks for 50 grams, which is like 3 teaspoons. So that would be almost $1,000 bones for me and Mrs. Ecks-Rated. Unless they're serving it with a brand new iPhone 14, FOR FREE, and a 90 minute massage, count me OUT!!!

National Scotch Day

Now, we present the other side of the equation, National Scotch Day at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. For that same $2,500 bones, you can bring ALL your boys, up to 15, and have a two hour private party in the Scotch++ Billiards Room. This is the perfect spot for a bachelor party.

For around $160 bucks per head, you get the room, two primo bottles and complementary transportation to the club. If you wanna slim down to your six besties, you can go with Scotch ++/Cues & Hotties. You'll put $599 on your credit card, around $100 per buddy, and get a bottle of Absolut Vodka, a bottle of J. Roget Champagne and the private room for an hour.

So the question is, two hours of Billiards & Babes or 3 teaspoons of Caviar?   


Football is just a few days away, and everyone is DROOLING! So are the SCAMDICAPPERS that wanna take your money and offer NOTHING in return. We have seen these guys forever and they are constantly coming up with new scams to steal your money.

If you're on Twitter, the site is now littered with dozens of new SCAMDICAPPERS that wanna get your name, Email and credit card. Some are even BOLD enough to ask for your Social Security number.

So the scam goes like this... hey guys, you know that I've been working in the sports gambling space my whole life, and after careful consideration, it's time to share my picks for free. Before you are able to access my free picks, you'll need to hand over a credit card, just to keep on file...WINK WINK!

There are SO MANY scams out there and if you're not sure about a pick service or a handicapper, call me, Email me, text me, Insta me, Tweet me or Thread me and I'll help!


For those who can use the marijuana plant legally, we CAN here in Vegas, gotta tell you about this titanium water pipe. It's the DANGLEBONG.

Aside from being one of the GREATEST names EVER, the DANGLE is seven inches tall and weighs 133 grams. If you're not into the metric system, 133 grams is like 1/3 of a pound.

There are three different styles.

The Raw for a rustic, simple and discreet look. The Blue Speckle for joyful spirits looking to share their energy with those around them. And the Black for elegance and style. The DANGLE will cost you around $153 bucks (US), but you can also make four interest-free payments of $38.17. 

Have no contact with the people at DANGLE in Bozeman, Montana, and don't get any cha-ching for recommending them. But these are the kinds of things you do when it's... 



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