Tom Cruise walking away from a helicopter


There was FROST on the greens at the Oak Hill Country Club yesterday morning in upstate New York when the temps were hovering around 30 degrees. That forced the PGA to delay the start by almost two hours. Brrrr.

Today in Vegas, the temps are gone tickle ONE HUNDRED FREAKIN' DEGREES! Crazy right. Even crazier is the rooftop pool at The Cosmopolitan on the Strip. They announced that it will once again show movies at its rooftop pool this summer. DIVE IN BAABBEEE!!! 

According to the Cosmo, the movies will be shown on the resort’s 65-foot digital marquee and start this coming Monday. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the films start at 8 p.m. General admission to the DIVE IN Movies is $15, or $10 for locals. I'm a local and can get you in for a 10 spot. The first movie is 'Ratatouille' and I'll take a pass. 'Aquaman' is dropping on week two, but I'm waiting for June 19 and 'Elvis.' But the BIGGIE is slated for the holiday weekend. Is there anything MORE American than July 4th? Is there anything MORE American than 'Top Gun: Maverick?' Meet me at the pool on July 4th, bring your goggles and I'll buy the first round if you can answer these three questions about Tom Cruise. WITHOUT Google.

   1 - What three movies was Tom nominated for an Oscar? 
   2 - What number do all three of his ex-wives have in common?
   3 - What was his only directing credit?


Heard about a guy at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City who lost more than $450,000 playing craps in two years. The dude didn't wanna pay his marker, so he SUED! He said that the casino marked the dice with the table number and used non-transparent dice in violation of New Jersey laws. Okay. That's the new thing I guess. You lose, you SUE!

We lost a baseball pick a few days ago when Eduardo Rodriguez gave up four earned runs as the Pirates beat the Tigers 8-0. We don't lose many baseball bets, the record so far this season is 21-9, but this one hurt. BAD! So, we're suing the Tigers, Rodriguez and the city of Detroit for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS! What is emotional distress? It falls under the legal umbrella of pain and suffering. It was very PAINFUL watching the game and I had to SUFFER through all nine innings. Therefore, I meet the legal requirements to sue. The bet was for only $75, but my three-pronged lawsuit will be asking for $10,000 bucks from each party involved. Wish me luck.


You remember me cashing a GINORMOUS ticket on Mage at the Kentucky Derby right? Well, I'm back for more green, and gonna give out National Treasure. This horse is trained by Bob Baffert and will be ridden by John Velasquez. Treasure is also on the rail and will be adding blinkers for this race. That's enough for me to drop a Benjamin right on the NOSE!


Not really a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights, it's ALL New York Rangers for me, but I will be dropping some cash on VGK to skate past the Dallas Stars and into the Stanley Cup Final


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