Football Betting Contests Starting to Heat up in Vegas

The free football contest is a novel idea in Las Vegas. You get gamblers who enjoy football to sign up and come into your casino every week to submit picks. You may give away a little something to get them to enter, like free slot play or a complimentary buffet, but in return you have a gambler on your property for up to 17 weeks who will more than likely be betting or at least spending money every time he or she makes the trip.

There is a wide variety of Vegas football contests right now, from freebies to big paid ones like the SuperContest at the Sportsbook SuperBook that costs $1,500 to enter but can result in a payout of close to $1 million or more depending on how many sign up. Some gamblers do not even have to be football fans to enter, they just like the opportunity to win money by making some selections on a weekly basis like the lottery.

Whatever the case might be, football contests are growing in Sin City more than ever before, and with that scenario comes more ways to cash in after signing up. Many contests offer weekly prizes for pro football, in which the entrant simply picks the Sportsbooks of every game straight-up and does not need to worry about teams covering the spread. Weekly Sportsbooks usually need to lose one or two games at worst to take home money, but the chance to compete every week can provide contestants with a lot more excitement over the course of the year rather than just playing for a season-long prize. 

The format for Vegas football contests varies, from picking all games SU to selecting a few ATS. There are contests for the NFL and college football as well for those who believe they can gain an edge with more games available. Some contests even allow you to pick totals like the Friday Football Showdown at the Golden Nugget. But those contests that involve a spread always release lines on a certain day of the week and do not move them so all contestants have the same numbers to work with. The normal lines at sportsbooks could rise or fall significantly by deadline time, giving entrants a perceived advantage if they pick the games with the biggest line moves every week.