Harry’s Wild Wins and Celebrity Sightings While Playing Roulette

Harry’s Wild Wins and Celebrity Sightings While Playing Roulette

Just to refresh everyone’s memory out there, I lived in Las Vegas for 17 years and worked in the casino business for 14 of them, so I saw a lot in those years, especially while investing countless hours at the roulette table. However, what hooked me on this wild game (that has the worst odds of winning) was what happened before I moved to Las Vegas.

I met Cousin Sal of Lock It In and Jimmy Kimmel Live fame in college in Upstate New York and we became great friends and gambling buddies. So, after graduating we and four of his hometown friends took a trip to Las Vegas.

Now truth be told, I had planned on moving to Atlanta in a month because I had a job lined up there in sports broadcasting at CNN, but that Sin City trip changed my life forever.

New Beginnings in Sin City

I couldn’t lose during our three days there, accumulating a $4,000 profit at roulette at the Sportsbook, and thought to myself “I could do this forever.” I scrapped my plans of living in Georgia and moved to Las Vegas six months later.

I went through some ups and downs playing this crazy game. (I did lose $1,500 without winning a spin playing at the Las Vegas Hilton after working security there after the huge marquee crashed down in a violent storm — see, I don’t always win.)

But I finally had a solid run once I figured out a system of playing a half-dozen numbers next to each other on the wheel. I would play six numbers and I would put the largest sum of money on the numbers 17 and 20, which were one number away from each other and separated by the number 32.

My casino of choice was Bally’s and I had considerable luck there, not to mention lots of memories.

I had friends in town once and we went there for dinner (on comps I had earned) and I was just messing around and was up a couple of hundred bucks when I decided to get a bit cocky.

Harry Makes Roulette History

What was about to happen was unprecedented in roulette history. I put a $25 chip on 17 and 20 with a $5 chip on the other four numbers after watching how the dealer was rolling the little white ball. Where he released the ball is where the ball would eventually land, and I know that sounds odd but as a roulette player, that is the “perfect storm” when you actually believe you can read the roll. Well, I believe that I did, and the ball landed in 20 for an $875 win.

Now, that was awesome, but as a gambler I had to try to hit again and I made the same bet and it came up 20 again, and the roll after that, and the roll after that. In a matter of five minutes and four spins, I had won $3,500 and that is the beauty of roulette because it can happen just like that. I have never seen anything like that since.

Living in Vegas I’ve also had some fun times, being in the right place at the right time and being able to play roulette with celebrities.

I was in town for only two weeks in 1994 when I went out to the MGM with my cousin and at 2 a.m. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston walked in with about 10 friends. Whitney came right up to my table and was extremely sweet to everyone playing and she blew about $500 in 10 minutes and then left. She was playing some numbers but mostly black or red and she had no luck whatsoever.

Celebrity Sightings

I happened to be working security in 1995 at the Sportsbook of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. After being stuck in a corner outside the casino for two hours, making like $7 an hour, I said screw it and walked in (it was invitation-only) with my uniform on and once I got in, I went into a bathroom, dumped my uniform in the trash and started to play roulette with the celebrities that were there. Why not?

I first played at a table with Superman himself Dean Cain and Tim “The Toolman Taylor” Allen. Both guys seemed to be nice, although they were getting crushed by the dealer and the wheel. George Clooney was next, and he had luck, winning a quick $3,000 betting 500 chips on odd. Interesting and “odd” theory but in that spot, it worked for him.

Then I was lucky enough to witness Pamela Anderson in a tiny pink dress with her boyfriend at the time, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Pamela had no clue what she was doing, not knowing how to play, and was just throwing away money and Tommy couldn’t help but start some trouble (go figure).

He didn’t know the first thing about roulette either and just wanted to bet a $1,000 chip on of all things double zero. He was obviously wasted (go figure again) and got into a heated argument with the pit manager because that was $900 over the limit on a single number and he was not allowed to make the wager. To see what I saw that night was worth it to me to lose that boring job.

Be Careful Which System You Use

Over the years I’ve seen many different systems on roulette other than mine. Some work, but most don’t.

I also witnessed at Bellagio a gentleman betting $1,000 chips a spin on 1st 12 and 2nd 12 bets. That means he had 24 of the 38 numbers covered (remember there are 36 numbers and a single and double zero). If you hit, you are risking $2,000 to get back $3,000. The odds were against him tremendously as I saw him lose five straight rolls, and that was $10,000 gone in about three minutes.

So basically, if you have a system and it works for you, that’s great. My “17/20, six number” theory has done me justice many times over the years. The one major rule I will leave you with is no matter what your system of playing roulette is, you must have a goal and once you have reached it, GET UP AND GO, because the roulette “gods” will not let you keep your winnings long if you flirt with disaster and continue to play. Keep in mind that roulette has the worst odds in the house in terms of table games.

If you decide to try my system, please feel free to send me a message and let me know how it worked (or didn’t work) out for you.