Las Vegas Expert Picks: Olympics, NCAAB

Benjamin Eckstein, Vegas veteran and author of America’s Line, brings 30 years of experience to make weekly picks in his “Ecks & Bacon” column.

Las Vegas - Before we jump on the money train, gotta give you info about a crazy college game in the Big East this past Wednesday. Talked to my guy, Johnny Avello, the executive director of the Sportsbook Race & Sportsbook here in Vegas about the Wednesday night game between Providence and Seton Hall.

The game was suspended at 13:03 mark in the 2nd half. In order for a result to be official, a college hoop game must go at least 35 minutes. Avello told me that ALL wagers on that game were refunded. Straight bets, totals, parlays and teasers. They resumed the game yesterday at noon, but there was no line posted at the Sportsbook.

Olympics men's hockey pick

Wanna make some easy money? And don't mind laying an ENORMOUS price? Try the OAR, or, the Olympic Athletes from Russia. You know by now that the Russians were not allowed to compete under the Russian flag due to all the doping issues at the Sochi Olympics. So, now they row and transition to the OAR. Why lay such heavy wood? Two names come to mind immediately. Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk.

If you don't remember Pavel, he was only named one of the '100 Greatest NHL Players' in history. And Ilya had a sweet 12 year run in the NHL with New Jersey and Atlanta. Totally understand if you wanna stay away, but they have STOMPED their opponents the last four times out, outscoring the Slovenia, USA, Norway, and the Czech Republic 21-3. Yea, TWENTY ONE to THREE! And after all the embarrassing press the Russians have received, like the curling guy doping, REALLY, guessing that hockey guys, the OAR, will row to another easy W, and that W will be GOLDEN!

Ncaab pick

Okay, it's hoop time baby, and we'll start in the Big East and take St. John's -1 over Seton Hall. The Red Storm were flying high, with a nice little four game winning streak, then got stung in Milwaukee by Marquette, 85-73. Obviously, the Storm didn't wanna be in Milwaukee in the middle of winter. Back in their second home, MSG, with revenge on the table (they lost to the Hall in Jersey back in December, 75-70), Chris Mullin should get a W. Then we're looking at Texas Tech -1 over Kansas. If you're worried about Tech's little two game slide, DON'T. Both losses were on the road, to Baylor and Oklahoma State. Back in Lubbock, the Red Raiders are pitching a PERFECTO, with a GORGEOUS 16-0 record. Also like Fresno State -8 over Wyoming, and while each game is a separate wager, would not be upset if you threw down a little three team parlay.

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