Top Three Vegas Sportsbooks for UFC

Las Vegas is home to the UFC which has become one of the fastest growing sports organizations in the world, and MMA is also quickly becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on at sportsbooks. With boxing severely lacking the mainstream popularity it had enjoyed in its heyday, the UFC has used its marketing machine to sell its fighters to the masses, taking over as the premier combat sport and making oddsmakers pay closer attention than ever.

Most sportsbooks offer traditional moneyline wagering on UFC fights, although some also feature props based on the number of rounds and type of result (i.e. decision, knockout, submission, etc.).

Sharp MMA oddsmakers will not just give away money when it comes to wagering on massive favorites, they will make you pay a premium. That’s why it’s very important to know where to go to get the fairest lines and what books allow you to do parlays.

The following are the top three sportsbooks to bet on and watch MMA in Vegas:

Lagasse’s Stadium (CG Technology)

No place beats Lagasse’s Stadium in terms of wagering, watching AND eating. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse did just about everything the right way here, from stadium-style seating to his own signature menu for guests to enjoy. Plus, don’t forget wagering at the CG Technology sportsbook and viewing every event in a party-like atmosphere with former and current fighters making appearances.

Sportsbook Las Vegas SuperBook

Outside of betting offshore, the SuperBook will almost always have the most available wagering options for MMA, including the UFC. The newly-renovated SuperBook also permits parlays and gives bettors a great place to follow free events on its giant screens, all in a smoke-free environment.

Sportsbook Las Vegas

The Sportsbook makes the cut because you can often get better odds on certain fighters there — favorites and underdogs — than at other books. Just a short walk from the Palazzo where Lagasse’s Stadium resides and a few blocks away from the Sportsbook, The Sportsbook is an ideal spot to make a stop at if you’re line shopping.


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