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Welcome to the New OddsShark

If you're a new Odds Shark visitor, welcome to our redesigned site. We have tightened the stats, sharpened the design and made the navigation more logical in getting you immediately where you want to go – the odds on the game!

If you're a returning Odds Shark visitor, we’re really hoping we can get your feedback and comments on the new presentation, while providing some criticism and wish-list suggestions.

The Matchup Reports have been streamlined with the most important data (the best odds on each game and the consensus numbers of who is betting Team A or Team B) at the top. And we have adopted a tabbed approach, grouping stats types together in various tabs, as opposed to the earlier approach of running a huge amount of stats and data on a single page.

There are more articles with more handicapping slants and more odds types coming all the time. UFC and boxing odds, entertainment odds on things like Who Will Win the Best Actor Oscar, When will Lindsay Lohan Go Back to Jail, Who Will Be the Next Voted Off Dancing With the Stars.

New power rankings, charts and graphs to make the stats more visual, consensus data and a new Odds Shark  newsletter are all pending. The plan is to launch new features, new odds types, new content every month, and this will include horse racing, casino odds and poker tutorial articles as well.

So with the World Series starting tonight (get the Rangers Giants odds here) and the NFL heading into Week 8, we make some terrific changes at Odds Shark, the trusted source of odds at Foxsports.com, Yahoo!, Philly.com and other top newspapers and hundreds of sports blog sites across the Internet (many part of the excellent SBNation.com network).

If you have questions or comments or ‘This stat is available on my other favorite sports site, why do you not have it here?’ questions, please relay them to info@oddsshark.com.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you find what you are looking for and find the new site easier to navigate and more flush with the stats and odds you want.

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